Missing salary 😩

I’ve been with monzo since last summer but only started getting my salary paid to this account from March as I started a new job. I received my first salary no issue, even got it a day early but this months salary is non existent !! Help please … I’m a key worker and need to be able to get to and from work

When is your payday?

If your payday was yesterday you should contact your employer or the HR department - they’ll be the ones who will be able to confirm they still have the correct bank details and that the payment has been sent.

You could also contact Monzo in-app and they could possibly tell you if there are any incoming transfers.

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My pay day is the last working day of each month, I received last months fine just nothing for this month

Most likely not an issue with monzo, by us payroll is super busy with furlough paperwork, and maybe there’s delays paying staff by your company too.

I would contact your HR .

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Ok, I’m currently on a night shift. Will give them a call in the morning :pensive:

No worries. I just received it at 1:30am :grinning:.

Can any one else help me on this …

I put a £200 deposit on a dog from pets4homes. Later found the advert pics were google images. Asked the lady for a refund to which she didn’t reply. Contacted my bank (Barclays) Warned then I stupidly paid for something I’m not sure Is genuine, can I get money back ? … they said “ maybe not but we can block her account if your sure it’s a scam” I replied … lll wait til noon, if she doesn’t return it I’ll proceed. Barclays notified her I started a claim so she returned the money from a third party account (her fellas) then they made a claim of fraud against my account. Barclays immediately closed my account without speaking to me, questioning me or fact checking. Can there be any backlash on my monzo account, as I thought that why my pay was not showing ?

You’d have to contact Barclays or contact CIFAS* to see if you have a CIFAS marker or anything like that. I don’t think this would affect salary payments though.

Regarding deposits for pets on pets4home: https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/pet-advice/buying-a-pet-how-to-avoid-potential-scams-and-pitfalls.html

Thankyou x

Cifas category 6 markers, which is what Barclays are likely to have applied if they suspected you of fraud, do not show up on your credit file.

You need to contact Cifas to request all the data they hold on you using this form:

If there is a mark against your name, and you have done nothing wrong, I would suggest that you appeal it immediately with Barclays as it will stay there for 6 years otherwise.

I would also make a formal complaint to Barclays, as having your accounts closed because some random made a fraud claim against you, seems ridiculous!


In the process. They keep trying to close my complaint.

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It all sounds crazy :grimacing:

I’m sure there is more to the story from each party involved and fingers crossed justice prevails :crossed_fingers:

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As crazy as it sounds that’s the full story. I offered them all communications between me and the woman and they weren’t interested. Main point is she was warned I started a claim against her which I didn’t continue, but she did continue hers out of spite. They won’t even tell me how I allegedly committed fraud. All the statements will show is me sending her £200 and then me receiving it back from her boyfriends account. She then got him to make the claim :woman_shrugging:t4:

Start a fraud claim against her then.

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