Missing International Payments

This year Monzo has lost four of my incoming international payments worth quite a substantial amount if you add them all together. In my latest chat nightmare I am trying to recover a large payment from an American client whose bank was notified that Monzo received this money on 12th March. Today is the last banking day before the holidays and I am relying on this money to feed my family this Easter. Last Friday (six days ago) a week after questioning them where the payment was - I sent them the required code for the payment - a copy of the payment slip and an email from the personal bank manager explaining the money was credited to Monzo on the 12th. Since last Friday (six days ago) I’ve been asked multiple times by the chat team to re send information (not reading the chat history basically) and keep telling me sorry wait for an update at first I was like uhm it’s 24 hours I am paying for this service bit of a long wait however now I am like SIX DAYS ? Chatted constantly there is no way for chat team
To speak to team
Who are apparently looking for my payment. The way this has been dealt with is a joke, patronising rude unhelpful and unresolved. Happy Easter Monzo. Anyone else ? I want to find out how deep this problem
Is running as it’s the FOURTH time they’ve lost my international payments. Going back to Nat West I only joined for Wise feature as I work a lot in Europe - will be leaving as soon as this is sorted out. Really upset and this has caused a lot of anxiety. On multiple occasions. Any way I can esculate to management ? They promised a manager would call me but hey that’s not happened eitherc .

<1% chance this is true. But if it is, why would you keep using Monzo if they had “lost” three payments already?


As far as I’m aware, Wise aren’t the ones providing the service here for incoming payments, it’s Monzo’s own connection to the network (although a long while ago there was talk of NatWest providing the tech backbone for Monzo’s incoming international payments. No idea what actually happened in the end there).

Anyway, I can’t help with the missing money, but best thing to do in the future is to open an account with Wise. You can then open sub-accounts with local EUR and USD account details. Every time I’ve used them in the past they’ve been great and their rates are some of the cheapest out there.

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No reply really solidified the story

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I suspect part of why we have a fairly large hit and run rate from new account creations these days are because of the necessary albeit onerous onboarding process post-lockdown.

By the time you’re approved, and your first post has been approved, you’re long gone, deterred by all your other contribution efforts disappearing into the void without explanation during the time between signing up, and an admin approving you a few days later.

This post was probably written and submitted days before it was actually published. We know this because Monzo seem to batch process approvals. That’s why we regularly get new threads and posts from new users flooding in at the same time once or twice a week.

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It’s nearly every day.

And you only need to wait for first thread approval I think?

Posts too. Everything just evaporates until your first is approved. One will eventually get approved but the rest disappear permanently. Annoying if you put a lot of effort into it.

Someone on fintech forum went through it recently. Their experience was quite illuminating.

I just don’t think these things are signposted well enough. The turn around time is hit and miss. I know some where it was under an hour, and others where it took days (3 being the most) for their first contribution to appear.

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Oh yes, very good insight actually

I completely forgot about the post approval process

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Oh course this is true. Why would I waste my time writing in this forum ? I am single mum and I can’t leave the bank until I’ve paid off my overdraft which I can’t if they keep loosing my hard earned cash. Thanks for those who helped and sorry for those who don’t believe me - I really hope it doesn’t happen to you as I’ve had a week from hell unable to pay my rent and give my kids any kind of Easter.

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You’re right it’s a terrible app and I couldn’t work out how to post it was in my drafts for ages and wouldn’t go into a post. Also I’ve been sick all weekend and don’t work on Sundays.

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It’s true. I have an overdraft so I can’t leave until this is paid