Delayed inbound international payment

Hello guys, I have been expecting an international payment from Spain. Payment was made on the 21-04-20 and till date (28–04-20). I have not received funds in my monzo current account. I have contacted customers service twice and I’m yet to get any detailed information. I have also sent customers service a copy of the transfer receipt with transfer reference. Is it possible that the transaction can not be traced ? Or the transaction has been reversed ?.. Whatever the case may be, it would be nice if I can get a professional feedback.

What system or service did you use to send the international payment? Unfortunately Monzo isn’t set up to support International Payments, so you would have had to use something like Transferwise.

I believe it was swift.

We aren’t connected with SEPA and SWIFT

These payments aren’t as reliable as we’d like, because we aren’t directly connected to SEPA or SWIFT, the two networks that let banks reliably move money around Europe and the rest of the world respectively.

We’ve explained what SEPA is in detail in this blog post, and TransferWise have put together a useful guide to SWIFT.

What does this mean for you? No idea … I’m sure support will handle your request.


What am I suppose to do now ?

Wait for support to get back to you. There’s nothing we can do; as we’re just customers like you.


Unlikely Monzo can do anything to help you here because the money simply hasn’t reached them.

The money should have been returned to the sender. If it hasn’t already it will be soon. Maybe ask the sender to speak to their bank?

In the meantime, set yourself up a TransferWise account, you can then get yourself a proper Euro account with them. Their fees are pretty low too.

Hey! I will be in the same boat soon, so wondering if you have received your money? Thanks

Not yet… still waiting

Monzo still dont support International payments?
Get a Starling account then a Euro account with them. They definitely support BIC/SwIft/IBAN/SEPA payments

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Nice… i will definitely look into that. Meanwhile av got a good feedback ill share in abit.