Missing cheques

Last week I sent some cheques to be paid into the joint account that I share with my wife. We have received a lot of cheques recently, having just got married back in August.

While 2 of the cheques have been registered into our joint account and we have received notification that they will clear next week, 3 seem to be missing. I contacted Customer Support through in-app chat on Thursday, who stated that she would check with the Cheques team, however have heard nothing since. Given that the chat still seems to be assigned to the COP to whom I was speaking, I have no way of escalating this. I have also emailed but received no response.

Can anybody from Monzo please assist? Thanks in advance.

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Hello :wave: Unfortunately no-one here will be able to help with that this is a community forum. It would be best to either continue with chat or ring the number on the back of your card.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

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