Missing a month of transactions

Just scrolling through my app and did a search on some direct debits which has uncovered the fact that transactions from July 25th - August 24th are missing from my app.

I use Monzo for my everyday banking so there would be dozens of transactions and direct debits within that month - has anyone else experienced anything similar in the past?

They definitely weren’t missing at the time as I check the app several times a day, so not sure when they went missing.

Done the usual things like updating the app etc

Hi Boss & welcome :wave:

This sounds like one of those random issues which need the :monzo: app uninstall, reboot device, download & install :monzo: app, then login & test dance :bananadance:

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Thanks for the reply, yep, an update didn’t do the trick so i’ll go a bit deeper on the reboot etc.