Mini improvements to downloading statements

I found 2 mini inconveniences with downloading statements and I thought I could recommend an improvement.

1st problem, I have to enter a pin on my mobile for every statement I wish to download. This is very annoying if you need to download more then one statement.

2nd problem, the statement name when downloaded to google drive has the date of the day downloaded, not the date/period of statement. This is really annoying too as it means you have to rename every document to a name that represents that specific document.

I know these are very minor but I figured that it was worth sharing in case someone else felt the same. It also makes a big different of you are archiving last years statements as you have to do this 12 times!

Completely agree with this and both of your points have been suggested as areas to improve on this forum before.

@maxwhite perhaps the 2nd point especially should be on the polish list since it seems like a relatively easy fix ?

Thanks awjdean,

I signed up just to post this so I am glad it’s been received well.


It actually sounds like you’d get on a lot better with the live data export you get with Monzo Plus and Premium.

Added to the list :white_check_mark:

There might be a good reason we ask you to enter your PIN for each statement you download, will have to look into that one.

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