[Android] Downloading statements/history

I’m trying to pull together all of my spending (on my many accounts/credit cards) into a spreadsheet so I can do a “this is what 2019 looked like, look how much you wasted” type thing. Perhaps compare against prior years if I feel up to it. I know I’m a month away from year end, but I figure I’ll get it all worked out (i.e. layouts and whatnot) then insert the last months spending at the end of the year and it’ll all “just work” (famous last words).

Problem: I’m using Monzo on :android: so cannot seem to do a “last 12 months” (to my knowledge) search to get a CSV export. I can do a statement download month-by-month, but bizarrely I’m asked for the PIN each and every time which gets old very quickly.

Am I missing some easy solution?

(I realise I could have accomplished the 12 downloads in the time it took to write this message but it’s a Sunday and I have the time to waste, and it may be of use to others…)


Hopefully you’re not holding any accounts with credit card providers who only provide statements for six months instead of twelve :grimacing:

AMEX and Barclaycard. They’re usually good, right? Although I’ll have to extract the data from PDFs, which is a chore.