Name on card?

(Matt) #1

Not sure how I feel about a card not having my name on it. What’s the thinking here? Does it limit what the card can be used for?

Moneywise feature :newspaper:
Future Card Delivery Times & Details On Card
(Caleb Wong) #2

Same here. Would like to see my full name on it as well.
And maybe soon with “Dr.” at the beginning :stuck_out_tongue:

(Matt) #3

Well that could be a really fun feature if you could customise your title. I’m going for Admiral myself.

Congratulations btw!

(John Mapley) #4

I’ve had a couple of suspicious looks using my card here in Taiwan, not sure if it’s the colour or if they’re trying to work out if my name is really 123-456-789 :stuck_out_tongue:

It hasn’t been turned down yet, but feels like it’s come close.

(Jack Nichol) #5

I believe the current cards are nameless just to speed up how quickly new beta testers can get their card and join in.

They won’t be nameless forever!

(Terry) #7

As others have said, it’s mainly for speed at the moment. As far as I’m aware online transactions don’t check the name on the card so you shouldn’t have any issues using the card online.

(Ben Poole) #8

Hey guys, I’ve used my Mondo card for online purchases and it’s pretty simple! When it asks for the name on your card, literally just punch in the XXX-XXX-XXX in the bottom left of your card during checkout. Inconvenient for some, but Mondo is still in beta! :smiley:

(Hrach Ghapantsyan) #9

The only reason that works is because they do not check the name provided with the one on record with Mondo. You could put a completely different name and it would most likely go through.

(David Dunn) #10

A merchant bank does not validate the name on the card against what you enter when checking out so you could put anything for the cardholder name :slight_smile:

(James Billingham) #11

You should not do this. Mondo does check the name on your account based on what you have registered with. Many (maybe even most) merchants don’t bother checking the account name though. For the ones that do, entering this number will cause your transaction to fail.

(Michael Jenkins) #12

I just came across this TED talk about bank security.

An interesting argument in the talk is that there is no requirement to put your name, card number, account number and sort code on the card. Nearly all transactions in Europe are with chip & pin or wave pay - neither of which require any details on the card itself. The information embossed only serves to make the card less secure as anyone who sees the card can use the information to find out where you live and then commit fraud. The only time it may be needed is in America where chip and pin is not yet in place and you have to sign your name.

There seems to be logic in the argument to show less information on the card. I would be interested to know the thoughts of Mondo’s security experts…

(Jack cheetham) #13

I didnt think this was important until i was on a flight on Tuesday.

I had no cash and only Mondo card with me. The air stewardess refused to accept Mondo because it didnt have my name on it.

In the end she gave me the can of coke for free so it does have it’s perks however have you thought about offering personalised/named cards for your top users?

Surely you could find some data on most spent/most transactions and offer those top users something different :slight_smile:

(Adam) #14

You have to remember it is currently in beta and they are trying to get cards out as fast as possible.

Believe when they become a bank, they will include names on cards along with other information.

(Herp Derp) #15

If I have had to enter a name online I just use my name, never had an issue.

(Adam) #16

Thats the same for all cards as the ‘name on card field’ is never checked.

(Tom Chambers) #17

There is a fairly basic reason to have the name on the card. My girlfriend and I now both have mondo cards. If we’re both in a restaurant and want to split the bill there’s no way of us knowing who’s is who’s once they’re in the middle of the table.

(Colin Robinson) #18

Signature on the back?

(lee) #19

Tom proving romance isn’t dead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can see cases for both sides tbh. It’s probably something that could be optional? Certainly with most if not all banks you can ask them to change the name on the card to pretty much anything. The functionality is there so I assume the ability to print nothing is also there!

( #21

To quote the brilliant Alan Partridge:

I’ll be honest, I’m dead against it.