Microsoft Increase Xbox Live Gold Membership to $120

Microsoft have announced they are increasing the price of Gold, its now going to be double the price as Playstation. Do you think that Sony will follow?


Are they just trying to push people on to gamepass?

This brings it nearly to the same price as gamepass, but gamepass has all the value to make it worth the now smaller difference.

TBH, they could even up the price of gamepass by a fiver a month and I’d still pay. That’s how much value I think is in it.

Im not 100% on the Microsoft offerings because i am a Playstation user. I have a feeling that its going to happen to PS players with PS Plus and Playstation Now. I reckon its to compete with the likes of Google Stadia which is absolutely insane if you have a solid internet connection


That didn’t last long.

Maybe they realised they were just giving people not to buy an Xbox at all.


That is actually the right thing to do for their Customers

Yup. Glad they’ve reversed course. There was little logic behind the price change in my opinion. The value of live gold, to me, has always been pushing it since it launched. It was more of a necessity to enjoy games with your friends than anything else, and I always felt a bit disgruntled having to pay for it. It’s something you pay for because you need to, not because you want to, or because there’s value in it.

When gamepass ultimate is only a fiver more, raising the price just seems idiotic.

Call me a tight git, but this could apply to everything I buy!!! :rofl:


Microsoft, doing what’s right by their customers? I think I need to wake up from this dream

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