Xbox Live /Game Pass Ultimate

Looking to tap into the Monzo hive mind!!

My boy is buying himself an Xbox for his room and we were wondering whether he needs to get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or is there still the option of just having Xbox Live Gold?

I thought I’d heard the latter was being discontinued and everyone would be forced onto the higher subscription package but I may be wrong!

Any insights???

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You only need Xbox Live to play online really - Use CDKeys

You can just buy gold, game pass ultimate includes gold and can include pc game pass as well.

You should look if the ultimate pass is good value for you, as it’s really good in my opinion and as said above it also covers pc games


Cheers! That’s reassuring.

Game Pass Ultimate is pretty good value, to be fair. I think Gold on its own was £7.99 per month, but this is £11.99 and you get a load of games included.

It’s currently being heavily discounted and I just renewed my subscription for 3 months, for £11.99…

Aye, as @Gavinator said, it’s fairly good value as long as you are going to be using it to its full potential. I managed to snag 4 months of Ultimate for £1 as I had Xbox Gold until December so it combined the two of them into the Ultimate pass.

Keep in mind that it also comes with access to the Game Pass for PC so if you register it for your son under his or your account, you can log into the Xbox app on Windows 10 and get tons of games on that too for the £11.99.

I doubt they’ll ever discontinue the regular Xbox Live subscription as there’s tons of people still using the Xbox 360 which can’t get the benefits of Game Pass, only Xbox One has those benefits. You can still use the Xbox Live Gold on Xbox 360 however, that was something I was a tad confused on as I still play on the 360 often for the classics.

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Is there any competing sub that gets remotely close to the value of Game Pass? It’s just insane.


Yeah this is huge. So excited to play Dishonoured when I get the time.

I think game pass has been killer for a while now, and this is just ridiculous now.

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