Metro Bank Credit Check

Hi, I’m looking to open an account that I can use to switch to TSB to take up their switching offer.

I’m trying to find one that won’t do a credit check. Does anyone know if Metro Bank does a hard credit check please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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This feels like a useful topic for a wiki…!

I don’t know about Metro, but the one I do know is on the switching scheme but doesn’t do a hard check is Starling. (And Monzo, but you’ll be using them as your main account, obvs).


I agree on the wiki idea!

Crazily I don’t have a Monzo account yet (yes I know I should be ashamed of myself!), but do have a Starling account that I’m reluctant to switch. I didn’t really want to open Monzo to switch away as I see me wanting an account with them one day.

The others I have are NatWest and first direct, but apparently NatWest hard search for a second account and first direct don’t allow more than one. :frowning:

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Honestly I would have thought most banks hard check on account opening.


NatWest did hard credit checks. Firstly they rejected my initial account application, then it was accepted upon review.

Then it had to be done by phone. So on this second attempt they misspelt my name and got my DOB 10 years wrong.

So it took a third time to get the damn thing open. 3 hard credit checks in all. I don’t need any new credit accounts right now otherwise it would have been immensely annoying. The ironic thing is I didn’t even request to have any kind of overdraft and still they hard checked me repeatedly.


If youre applying for a current account they will hard search you, if its the basic account they wont.

Unless its changed basic accounts are only able to be opened in store

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If you need an account to do CASS that will not do a hard search thinkmoney & Triodos don’t

For a quick CASS I would recommend the former - why? I did it having held the account a mere fortnight. That was all before they could charge me any monthly fees.

On the opposite side I read a rumour on Reddit that Triodos blocked a switch that was early into the accounts life but can’t verify.

I can confirm from my own credit reports that neither hard search :+1:


That’s great, thank you.

I haven’t heard of think money so I’ll check them out.

E-money account with high fees but are part of CASS - easy in app account opening fintech style. Perfect for opening and dumping.

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I have a hard search from both recent re-openings of Monzo and Starling. Didn’t take an overdraft or any credit with either so. So I have no idea why they would add a hard search to my credit file. Although Monzo pre-approved me for £1000 flex which I didn’t want or need (or ask for) so a little peeved if that’s the reason they’ve added the hard search…

So I wouldn’t necessarily count either of them as accounts that won’t do a hard search.

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It’s usually what most banks do I’m assuming they’ve tightened up over the years


This may help from the MSE forum

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Thinkmoney are part of CASS and so should work


Thank you, really useful thread. Will have a read! :slight_smile: