Metal card prize draws?

I’ve been waiting for the metal cards to launch before signing up to Plus but I’ve just noticed this as a beneift of plus, what is it please?

Is it basically a ‘chance’ of getting a metal card?

No one knows yet :eyes:

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This is being discussed on the plus thread as well, might be worth looking there for updates

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Would love to have a metal card


I have ApplePay. All my cards are in that.

There is absolutely no need at all for a metal card. It’s a vanity thing. Seems to be the latest gimmick with FinTechs. Wrong priorities to my mind.


So what if it is a vanity thing? I don’t want one, but some people do, I can live with that.

If it is something a company which does not make a profit (Monzo) can make some money on, why is it a wrong priority?


While I agree that it is a gimmick, I don’t think it means that they have wrong priorities.

These days customers want to feel special when dealing with a company (e.g. Spotify’s Discover Weekly or other personalised playlists). I think Metal Cards are a way of doing that for banks.

Because they need to create a class-leading app that knocks the socks of those created by legacy banks. And to finish of some of the things they’ve started.

Agreed. Monzo needs to examine its (reportedly) declining customer support experience.

I do agree with working on improving the customer support experience :slight_smile:


Marcel, I suppose different customers want different things from companies, and you may wish to want to be made to feel special?

I don’t. I want to know that I am getting a good or even fair deal with a company that has good customer service and isn’t trying to milk me for everything I have.

The customer service experience, for example. I hate the tendency of American companies to spend so much time on waffle asking me if I’m having a nice day, wishing me a nice day and making small talk. (Amazon, I’m looking at you!)

I’d prefer a quick and efficient interaction. I understand German companies do this. You go to them, ask a question and give you an answer. Even dispensing with superfluous pleasantries. Just efficiency. Thank you. Job done.

So you would like them to be able to do that which is fine (and I agree). But generating money let’s those things accelerate. You can’t run a business which generates no profit indefinitely.


That’s what you would hope, the customer service experience from Monzo is much better than what you get at a lot of German companies. I have dealt with the customer service from BASE (network provider), Sparkasse (Bank), Saturn/MediaMarkt (retail). You often have to fight for your rights and go through multiple layers to get issues resolved.

Well, maybe the Germans don’t demonstrate my desired customer service experience as I understood from others they might. :man_shrugging:t2:

A metal card would make my phone too heavy :+1:


I don’t think the software development teams are the same team doing materials research for the metal card.

Probably not.

Still announcing things before they can deliver and before they’ve finished some of the stuff they’ve started.

The level of support is high I think the main issue is around response times but I can see how onboarding 200k people a month is hard to scale for support staff

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Metal cards are the latest trend but nothing new. Whilst still a premium (costs to produce are very high) they are mostly a vanity show off type thing. People want to feel as if they have something special some are willing to pay for this showing off and some this just distracts from poor “value added benefits” of a current account. Metal is about status or rather the want of it or insecurity about it,
I don’t wish to trigger anyone but that’s the reality of metal card products.
Be interesting to see Monzo’s take if indeed they go ahead, lots seem to change of late, and I hear lots of negative thoughts about plus cards.



Will be interesting to see if the challenger carves a niche, challenges conventional thinking, innovates new customer-focussed solutions and forges a successful path ahead.

Alternatively, it could adopt legacy thinking, bundle a number of poor-value propositions into a packaged account and play me too copying the latest industry fad of metal cards.

Let’s see what they do…

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Could do with one, for some reason the plastic on my cards keep coming off really quick, is that just me or anyone else have the same problem?