Message when you’ve been somewhere X times?

(Colin Robinson) #1

Not sure if this would be delightful or annoying - give me a message when I’ve been to the same eatery 100 times:

(Mark Edmonds) #2

I wish mine would say don’t go to the pub after 10 times!

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #3

Or better; send a message to eatery to say “Have you seen how many times his guy’s been to your establishment? It’s a hundred times - he deserves a freebie!” :trumpet::trumpet:


That’s an interesting idea!

(Simon B) #5

Swarm/Foursquare used to do this - certainly when they started about 10 years ago, perhaps they still do in some instances. It was really effective at driving traffic to the merchants and encouraging repeat visits. The “Mayor” aka the person who had checked in the most to that venue, would get a discount or a freebie.

It’s a great model. I suspect that we’d do this more as API integrations with folks pursuing that as a business model like Flux, rather than building it ourselves.