Places I've been

It’s a great idea to show where and when a transaction has been made.
It would be really interesting to make better use of this, much like they do when you’ve been on holiday.

Use case: I’m meeting a friend for dinner in a location that I havn’t been for a while. I know that last time I visited, I went to this amazing restaurant but can’t remember what it’s called.
How brilliant would it be to browse a map with an overlay of restaurants I’ve been in the area?

I’m sure you can do this on Google Maps and TripAdvisor by saving your favourite places you’ve been to or would like to go. The fact that Monzo already knows where I’ve been would make this much easier.

Thoughts anyone?


Google Maps can actually track your location and tell you exactly where you’ve been (without manually saving each place) if you let it.

Came to say the same thing. It also gives you monthly (I think) summaries of cites and countries you visited etc.

Doesn’t Monzo already show where and when a transaction takes place? :thinking:

As both @Ordog and @awjdean states, Google Maps can track you very well. I used Google Latitude for years tracking my journeys.

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I’m sure I remember someone sharing a link (at least a year ago) where you could view a map of your card spend.

Have had a brief search, but cannot find it. Did this exist, or did I dream it?

Reminded me of one of those scratch map things

Sounds like a great idea to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would love this.
Out of interest doesn’t anyone know how long google maps keeps data. Mine goes back a year or so, but I assume that’s when I turned it on.

Great idea.

Especially as I don’t use Google Maps or Tripadvisor and my phone doesn’t track my whereabouts everyday. I do use geotagged photos for this mind you but that presumes I took a picture of the restaurant/location…

I knew there was another person somewhere who didn’t photograph everything they eat :joy:

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