Longer term ideas

in the future it would be good if when paying the bill at a restaurant an itemized receipt comes thru…you could click on a menu item…it could check the internet for the recipe…order the ingredients from Tesco…charge them to your Monzo account and deliver them to your house

what out of the box ideas do you have?


This sounds like a great idea.

Do you know if this information would be provided via the merchant? I would imagine there would be some privacy rules stopping this would there not?

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Why stop there?

They could send a chef round to cook it, someone to do the washing up, throw out the leftovers, and set the table for the next meal.

It’s exactly this sort of short term thinking which is damaging our once great country!

(Sorry, I’ve just been reading a Daily Mail link from another thread - I’m afraid it might have infected me :face_with_thermometer:)


I wish www.tryflux.com would speed up its implementation or there was a universal way for banks to allow customers to opt-in to this sort of thing. Sadly I think at the moment it would be dependent on merchants and POS systems allowing access to this feature. Each POS system would probably need a slightly unique implementation.

Having digital receipts and itemised data for transactions would be a huge leap in terms of cool stuff you could do with the app and budgeting.


Flux seems perfect, but it appears to have just ground to a halt, I haven’t heard of any improvements for a long time. It only works in EAT and Pod? Pod is a fairly recent addition though. I understand it’s the merchants that have to put this in place though, and many probably can’t be bothered.


Yeah. Their twitter shows they’re still active and hiring but any sort of progress is either tiny or nonexistent. The Monzo pilot has been just that for ages. And they only have two (pretty small) retailers working with it at the moment.

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what are they? no, seriously, what are they? not a single grain of rice ever gets left behind on my plate!