[Feedback Wanted] Restaurant surveys for rewards

(tom) #1

Hi Mondonauts! I’d love your views on an early idea we’ve been rolling around today.

Say you go to a restaurant and pay for a meal. What if the restaurant could immediately send you a brief survey about your visit within the Mondo app? You answer 4-5 questions and get £3 removed from your bill. Or a free dessert. Or you’re in a bar and they offer everyone a free shot for answering some questions.

Would you find this stuff a) cool or b) creepy/annoying?

Would you want to explicitly opt-in to this kind of offer? Or how about a dismissible feed-item with a tickbox saying “Don’t show this kind of offer in future”?

We’re a long way from releasing anything in this direction - I just wanted to get people’s views.

(james_e_bell) #2

Hmm - I wouldn’t mind doing something like this (depending on how long it took to fill in the survey) - as long as it was optional/non obtrusive and we had the option to ignore it. I’m not crazy about the £3 off/free dessert/free shot idea (dont really like being paid to do forms!)

One thing I would be interested in along this line would be 1 click signup to merchant loyalty schemes (particularly if its a merchant I often go to). Infact Mondo even letting me know they have a loyalty scheme would be a benefit as sometimes i dont think to look (I looked up Euphorium Bakery as part of this idea and only then discovered they had a loyalty scheme!).

Edit - I mean to say - I do find it cool having Mondo help develop a deeper relationship with merchants (so do like this feature overall!) and I’d be willing to give feedback as part of this - its just id also like to have the ability for removing friction in merchant loyalty signup

(natasha) #3

Hmm this is a tricky one!

I would totally use it to get money off meals, but I know people who would absolutely hate it. I think we’d need the option to turn it off completely.

(Oliver Beattie) #4

Personally, I’d intensely dislike this being part of the core product. It would feel spammy and distracting.

That said, I can imagine people who would use this. If it were an opt-in part of the app (of course surfaced in the correct ways), I could see it being valuable to the right people. Perhaps this would be a really great app to be built atop the API?

(Rika Raybould) #5

Dismissible item with opt-in for sure and of course, only at places I have visited.

The answer to the rest depends highly upon execution. I’m happy to anonymously answer a couple of simple questions after leaving the place in return for some small amount of money back off a bill (see Google Opinion Rewards) or a Wallet pass for a future drink/desert/etc.

As @oliver said, I also dislike this being part of the core product. I believe this should be something built on your own APIs by a separate internal team. I’m not comfortable with marketing and surveys getting mixed up with the core bank or app.

As for the loyalty stuff mentioned by @JamesBell, I’m not crazy about one click signups but certainly opting in to link my Mondo account with a retailer’s existing scheme/app with the previously discussed merchant APIs would be nice (for example, taking the kinds of loyalty sections you see on paper receipts today and enhancing them with deep links in to the merchant’s own app, website, etc.).

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(Izzy) #6

I would definitely like this option, but i guess it would be best if it was something could opt-in to.

Like others I am wondering if this is something that is essential for core banking? Maybe this is something that could be a nice to have…

(Saveen) #7

@tom As this is a fairly specific kind of deal / discount scenario, can I ask - what kind of questions might these be and how would the data be used?

(tom) #8

Totally agree - Mondo would not provide this. Another company is thinking about building it on the API.

Things like “how friendly was your waiter?” and “how long did you wait to be served?” It would be used by the restaurant to measure and improve service.

(Saveen) #9

Ah, interesting… The reason I asked is that any kind of discount programme should delight the user AND provide long-term value to the merchant (lessons learned from the daily deals sector). Failing at either could undermine the integrity of Mondo.

As there’s an immense amount of stuff that can potentially be built on top of the core app (API), it would be great to see Mondo as a platform with ‘add-ons’ akin to apps for smartphones, extensions for browsers etc. This way, the scenario you mentioned would be opt-in and delineated from the core product.

From all the amazing feedback I’ve read in this forum, it seems that everyone is different and perhaps the future of mobile banking is personalisation?

(Carter ) #10

My first reflex is that something like this feels “cheap”, maybe a bit cheeky, but not necessarily creepy. I have come to accept that there are trade-offs for using certain apps (privacy, marketing, surveys, etc) but from my banking app it doesn’t feel right. That all being said if you had asked me this in my uni years I would have said sure! So I bet there is a segment of users who would like it- and I could appreciate a bit of quid pro quo.

One of the things I like about apps like Mondo, Fever, Dojo, etc is that they greatly enhance my London life without necessarily asking all that much of me. There have been some apps, though, that started to disrupt my expectations of how they flowed, asking survey questions not directly related to the core reason I use them, or worse beginning to demand a few more liberties with privacy or accessing my contacts. I tend to get a bit stroppy about that and have either disabled its access- or deleted it.

(Richard Dingwall ) #11

I would love to tap a transaction and see additional vendor information like:

  • My current points balance
  • Details of any discounts that were automatically applied
  • Links to post-purchase actions e.g. surveys

But notifications about promotions should come from the vendor’s own app, not my bank.

I would like the option to choose when authorising the app:

“Allow {App Name} to publish items to my feed:” [Yes] [No]

In the same way I can decide which Facebook apps can post to my wall.

(Pavel Kirjanas) #12

Creepy but cool! Free shots yaaassssss :beers::laughing::sunglasses:

(tom) #13

Yeah, that’s a great idea.

I think also a really limited OAuth scope would be helpful; “Connect Mondo with Sainsbury’s. Allow Sainsbury’s to view only transactions I made at Sainsbury’s, and add extra information to those transactions.”

(Terry) #14

I think this would be a great idea, however as long as the survey is not more than a few questions and should ideally be able to be completed in less than a min. I think it should be on by default and have the option to opt out. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

(Alistair) #15

One overall opt-in to the scheme would be the way to go.

This would however need to be contextual - so only if I am currently in one of the stores and they want to give me a discount after I have paid (or before cheking out potentially via ibeacons).

Lloyds makes you opt-in to each of the 5 offers they have and it seems pretty pointless as I don’t go to any of them, but if I happened to go and there was an offer while I was there, then I’d be happy to get the offer.

Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be for the end users. :slight_smile:

(samdickie) #16

More than happy to fill out a few basic questions. Yes or No answers

(isabelmoratiel) #17

I think this is a good idea, as many others point out - but as an opt in option.

For example Wahanda-Treatwell now, has always asked for feedback in return for a £5 voucher in the next purchase. I have never been a vivid blogger or youtuber, or reviewer in general, but those £5 have got me hooked - to make reviews accurate (since I trust other peoples’) and to keep on using the platform for the discount. Basically, they got me hooked.

So yes, I would use a <1min survey, that could link to a rewards programme. Def. value for the data Im sharing, and to let me change experiences I find can improve.

(dorzhi) #18

Great idea, really leverages the instant nature of mondo notifications so you capture customer sentiment at POS. Yes please, with explicit opt in. And rewards, we need merchant rewards

(Saveen) #19

So the consensus seems to be that this should be opt-in.

I think @rdingwall’s idea is brilliant.

:mondo: =:unicorn:

(Steven Pick) #20

I recently signed up to the Everyday Offers with Lloyds and like the fact I can go to places and get cash back for eating there without any extra hassle. I guess this suggestion like the feedback stuff they have on receipts which I think people probably forget about after the fact but more techy?