Merchant Name Search (at least) should probably not match on TXID

(PhilB) #1

At the moment the search function in the app matches txids which makes sense for developers but because the same search function is apparently used for merchant name grouping, I’ve had a bogus transaction (where the txid contains the string “Atm”) make it’s way into the “ATM” merchant name group.

It might make sense to skip searching txid by default overall to prevent confusing results upon general release as regular users won’t know about their txids anyway.

Developers who might want txid searching could change their search to include txid by tapping the picture of the mondo card 5 times or something similar to enable a developer mode in the app (which could also then expose additional internal workings - such as displaying the txids on the transaction view screen, etc).

(Matt Heath) #2

Hi Phil, wow good catch! As you’ve noticed, our search is a little rudimentary :wink:

I completely agree, while its useful to search by the txid in some cases, this should likely be a full string match rather than the partial match you’re seeing. Also it’s not really useful in app as we certainly don’t want people to ever have to search with a full transaction ID (something like “tx_000095FMpxu8CaZGmqx7DN”) !

We’ve got a lot of big search improvements coming along in the not too distant future, but I should be able to fix this for you in the next couple of days :grinning: