Split identifiers from merchant name in descriptors

(James Billingham) #1

One constant annoyance I have is with Pronto transactions.

Pronto (helpfully) includes your order ID in the transaction descriptor. It looks something like PRONTO LDN123ABC.

Somehow, Mondo always ends up determining that the merchant name is Pronto Pronto Ldn123ab. The main annoyance here is that all my Pronto orders appear as different merchants.

How about adding regex matching based on the merchant name? So find “Pronto” from the first word, then match /[A-Z]{3}\d{3}[A-Z]{3}/ and put that into the notes section?

(Matt Heath) #2

Hi James!

Yes we’ve seen similar behaviour from a few merchants - Github and Spotify in particular also do this. We do have some fairly basic regex based rules already, so I can fix up Pronto fairly quickly :rocket: and we’ll get all of the other merchants merged back together :raised_hands:

Also yes, we’d love to pull extra data out from this and display it on the transaction - I think we’ll have something along these lines (showing the original transaction description) appearing in the app fairly soon! :smile:

(James Billingham) #3

@matt Pronto transactions still seem to be failing to automatically update to just “Pronto” and still show as individual merchants. Perhaps their regex needs to be checked again? Thanks :slight_smile:

(I have noticed that the last character of their ref code seems to be missing from the descriptor)