Search on Android

(Emma Vanbrabant) #1

Hey hey!

My list of transactions is starting to get a bit lengthy :see_no_evil:, so a little while ago I spent a couple of hours investigating how we could go about implementing Search in our android app in a way which would be fairly simple but still useful!

I sent the most excellent @zancler a quick video of how it could be implemented, and with a bit of discussion we’ve come up with the following:

What do you all think? Would you use it?

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(Rika Raybould) #2

I certainly would when carrying my Android device! Even this simple search works enough to make switching backwards and forwards much less of a pain with my super long feed. :thumbsup:

(Andy Little) #3

Looks good. A nice, intuitive looking, way to access it.

Would it search transaction notes as well as vendor name etc?

(Emma Vanbrabant) #4

Yep! I think it probably makes sense to search everything in the transaction - the title, notes, location etc :slight_smile:

(Marta) #5

@emmag Looks great and really simple! To meet my own requirements, search would need to:

  • searches for any part of transaction description/details
  • search for other items, like Golden Tickets
  • search by amount (£4… would show any transactions were amount starts with 4, £4, £43, £437).

Bonus abilities, would be nice to have, but seems complex and not as important:

  • search by category name (Eating Out, Groceries) - potential problem when searching for companies like ‘Just Eat’, when we have ‘Eating out’ category.
  • search by date (‘January’, ‘12 Mar…’, ‘12/03…’) - this one is optional though, seems like a lot of hassle and multiple entry formats

I’m not sure if search icon placement is the best, as well as symmetry. Balance and Spent today are equal ‘weight’. Hamburger and Monzo icon were solely at the top, creating good ‘free’ space. Stuffing search icon, not equally weighted as Hamburger and Monzo, looks meh.
I would prefer to have ‘Search’ under menu, which then goes into the view you had shown on 2nd and 3rd card.

(Tommy Long) #6

Looks good!

Would be nice if you could use some sort of smarter syntax to narrow down what’s searched, Lucene style. For now this could just be an advanced feature but in the future the UI could build it up based on dates, amount, titles, etc. searched


Yep, looks good.
I’d be happy just so long as it doesn’t get in the way of developing a full search/export function to CSV etc.

(Adam Heath) #8

Would searching by emoji work? I’ve often labelled certain things with just an emoji (e.g. Beers :beer:, stuff for the cat :cat2:, coffee :coffee: etc) this would certainly be a quick and simple way for me to grab sets of transactions nicely if they were supported in the search.

(Stephen Early) #9

Looks good.

I’d like there to be a way to show all the transactions for a merchant. Obviously you could do this by typing in the full merchant name in the search box, but is there any way to make it easier?

Presumably selecting a transaction from the list shown in the search will show the transaction details. Could the merchant then be selectable from either the header or the “Your [merchant name] history” section to go to the Spending page that shows all transactions for that merchant?

(ross) #10

Any search functionality at all would be great! Are there any longer term plans to implement search like iOS’?

(Ash Kierans) #11

As many have said, any king of search functionality would be amazing!

Like you getting to the point of needing to scroll through many many items now. Lots of very good points, particularly those from @Avishai

I’d like to see man of those functions as they would mirror the iOS app.

Also the idea of using Chips within the search field similar to that feature I’ve sign in iOS when it converts keywords to a selectable / removable object. Not sure if I’ve explained myself very well!

Edit: Added link to Chips component on Material Design for anyone who doesn’t know what I mean :slight_smile:


Looks good! Although, one minor thing: It looks like you’re missing the X from the search view used to clear the search


Would I use it? Most definitely.

(Emma Vanbrabant) #14

Oops this is an earlier version of the design and I didn’t spot the missing X! It is there I promise :smiley: And I think having emoji search work in this implementation should be possible - they’re just text after all!

At the moment there are other features (like the Pulse!) we’d prefer to do over a full, iOS-like search. Not to say it definitely won’t happen in the future though. Doing a simpler version first will also help us learn about how people use the feature so anything more can be even better! :100:

(Marcel W.) #15

Yay!! Android is catching up with IOS :cocktail: :confetti_ball: :fireworks:


It’s on its way, apparently, albeit a little slower than many of us would like. Mainly because of the need to prioritise Android full account functionality - which to be fair we would like even more, I guess

(gary) #17

Yep, I’d use it… Probably mainly to search by merchant. Being able to click through from a transaction into all transactions by merchant (as mentioned by @sde1000) would be nice, but typing the full merchant name is a reasonable long cut in the interim.

But any search would be great!


Yes! I’d use it all the time for searching by merchant or for special items like the crowd funding or golden tickets. Nice one, simple and to the point. :ship: it!

(Emma Vanbrabant) #19

I promise you the 3 of us couldn’t be working any harder to catch up than we already are :slight_smile:

( #20

Having seen the amount of updates on the Android platform over the last few months I can attest to that. It’s not my main phone but I see the updates coming in.