[Android] Listing all transactions for merchant is done by name

I wanted to see all of my charges from EE, my phone and broadband provider.

I searched for EE and scrolled through the list to find the first EE payment. Lots of other payments show up for EE, Oyster, Itsu, Uber to name a few. I’m not sure why - this is part of the issue.

I then select the EE payment and scroll to the your ee history section at the bottom.

I then press on the number of payments item with the number next to it.

I expect to see a screen of the ee payments here. Instead I am taken to a search for EE which is where I started.

This isn’t a problem for merchants with more unique names but EE seems to match against loads of payments and gives confusing results.

Details to reproduce:
see above
pixel 2
App Version:
can provide if needed.


Interesting. I’ve just switched to EE and they took my first bill yesterday so I’ll see what happens. When I do a search for EE I do get all kinds of results including Asda and Spotify!

Does the address have “ee” in it?

Not in Spotify’s case!

I’m getting the same when I click on a Moneybox scheduled payment.

It says there’s 9 payments, click on that and I get my whole feed back as the “filtered” list.

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Try this button on the search. This should look for merchants with the name “EE” specifically rather than searching for “ee”

If you don’t select the merchant filter then youll get anything with ee in it, this is the location, transaction id, anything related. (E.g. Nando’s in Leeds will come up when you search EE)

Hope that helps

The search needs an “exact match” feature similar to Google where you can quote a certain word. At the moment I believe it will search the merchant’s name and any references or metadata for any occurrence of the search term even if it’s within the particular piece of data, so like if you search “EE” it would match “Evee” (sorry it’s 4am I’m drunk and I couldn’t think of an actual merchant name with two E’s in there :joy:).

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What fancy search have you got?!

Is that the iOS app? I’m in Android and have no search filters at all.

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Android doesn’t have the advanced search functionality. We’re stuck with basic text search only :cry:


Only the iOS app has the filtering but it doesn’t always work great which is why Monzo have never replicated it for iOS. hopefully search will be rebuilt for both platforms next year!


If you are keen on a new / better search, do vote for it over here:

It’s not an official poll or anything, so nothing guaranteed, but I know that Monzo are aware of it. And search is much lower than I’d have thought. :frowning:

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Wow, lots of replies. “EE” as an exact search returns no results. I’m on Android so I have the basic search only.

I’ve voted for New Search in the wish list. Bit of a shame to run into this just a few days after getting the december journal where the Bring Android fully up to speed with iOS section was listed as all green :disappointed:

I guess I don’t see this as a search feature but rather a way of viewing a group of related objects (payments) to another object (merchants). Still, if I were able to solve it with search I’d be happy - at the moment it seems we Android users cannot.