Pause Plus - do these things instead

As I suggested on the ‘new Plus’ thread, I think that entire piece of work needs to go back to basics and figure out what it wants to be and how that will work for MONZO before they re-engage with the users/forum.

On the basis that Monzo still needs to make money, and Plus would be part of that income stream planning, I can see why they are keen to get it going ASAP but if cash flow allows, I think pausing it and looking at it from a product strategy view (along with some more in-depth market analysis of the competitors) would benefit everyone.

Until then? Here are some things that could be tackled… they’ve all received plenty of votes so this is my attempt at producing the ‘roadmap’ that Monzo don’t seem to want to share with us.

  • Pots - not sortable
  • Custom Categories - ability to split one payment over two categories could fall into this work
  • Improve Payee management - needs overhaul (functionality is ok, but UI is a mess, more options to name payees/add photo?)
  • Transaction feed - slow to update
  • Pot to Pot transfers - would likely be useful for those now using Bill Pots?
  • Allow us to mark income of any type as ‘Salary’ (for those of us not using BACS, this is a personal bug bear mind you!)

Also look to improve parity across both Single & Joint accounts, and Android & iPhone, and there is a good batch of work to improve the core application that every user uses.

Crack through that lot and come 2020 the Core app is in a much better place - I’m sure you could add some more tweaks in each of the above - and you can rattle into Q1 2020 with a new Plus offering.

Just my thoughts, as always.

I think this forum is for feedback and ideas for features rather than you telling them how to run their business :roll_eyes:

Would you message Apple and tell them that they should delay their new iPad and focus on their phones?

If Apple had a forum like this one, I’d offer feedback yes (not the example you gave which is patently ridiculous).

The post is my feedback on the Plus situation and some ideas of what they might do. I’m not TELLING anyone how to do anything (I am very aware I don’t have that authority, this is just a forum post ya know).

Hint: the language I use says ‘I think’ and ‘could’ a fair bit, so in what way is that me telling Monzo how to run their business. It’s feedback.

Anyway, have a nice day!


Agree with this however we have been asking for custom categories for years and nothing, same with fixing merch data, nothing.

I think we will be discussing this for another 2 years.

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But all you’re saying is to implement features that have already been suggested. Go vote on those rather than creating a big post saying to do them all and not to do other features.

I have voted on those (where do you think I got the list from?).

My suggestion is that Monzo focus on these rather than Plus for the near future, given that they are highly voted items that still haven’t been tackled and as @Danny says some of these have been asked for for years.

Shall I rephrase?

Pause Plus, do the highest voted ideas first.


You forgot incoming foreign transfers and a better way of paying in cheques. (My two bugbears).

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No I didn’t. They aren’t MY bugbears :wink:

But yes, principle stands. Pause technical work on Plus and do ‘something else’.

I’m coming to the conclusion that Monzo is better seen as a tech company in development rather than a bank.

I used to have A higher degree of confidence that they would get it right :soon: than I do now.


Hence my request they re-focus. I think they need to move past the ‘release fast/test often/iterate’ Agile model and find a middle ground that slows things to a pace that is maintainable and gives better results.

They remain my ‘cash/day to day’ account but more and more I’m glad I left my bills elsewhere.


None of the features you list raise revenue. I understand the frustration that features with many votes seem to not be a priority, but Monzo is a business. I agree that they should pause the roll out of plus until they figure out how it is going to work for them and the customer, but I don’t mean they should pause it in the sense of stop working on it.

Monzo is great and I really think it is the future, but I don’t want to have a fancy app that has a ton of features only for it to go bust in a few years because it’s not making any money.

Let me quote more of that sentence and explain it fully, hard to do when you’ve cropped it to make your point…

I’m fully aware that these basic issues won’t add to the revenue stream, I was merely stating that I understand WHY Monzo is keen to push their Plus/Package offering forward … “but if cash flow allows” then improving the core app is a reasonable thing to do as it makes it a richer offering for getting new customers in the door (which in turn will bring in some level of money, and gives them an even larger user base to pitch Plus at).

Nor do I, I clearly suggest they continue working on it by doing a little deeper analysis of what they want it to be and how it would fit their business model, before they bring it back to us. That’s still work, no?

This should have been done for so long … I basically can’t properly use the budgeting feature because my salary is a Faster Payment.

The funniest part is that BACS are not supported with Monzo Business Account, therefore when paying my own salary from my Monzo business account to my monzo personal account it is not recognized by Monzo as salary … ludicrous :man_facepalming:

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I think this may be ‘fixed’ as you can now use it for the Salary Sorter… er… when they fix it again (it was working!)

Do you regret coming back yet? :laughing: :wink:

100% agree with Plus being paused, but only until they decide on what they want to do with it. They shouldn’t be making us pay while they research.

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Ha, not at all!

And I hope they figure it out, come back and offer us something good, doesn’t have to be amazing! As per the ‘thisismoney’ article, phone insurance should surely be a key starting point :wink:

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Scrap it altogether and the name