Merchant reviews within Monzo

I’m travelling at the moment, whilst updating logos in Monzo, my pet hobby, I thought it would be great if we could review restaurants etc from within the app for other Monzo users. These could be exposed via a “Near Me” function - thoughts?

I’d rather Monzo spent their time perfecting the banking functions before branching out into Foursquare territory, tbh.


Agree with the above.

What good is seeing a rating of a place once you’ve been there? Or are you saying Monzo should build a whole search function too? How are reviews moderated? How as a business owner can I manage reviews of my own place?


When normal people post reviews, they’re generally ‘opinions’. And dire. I’d rather read a proper review, by a professional, than a rant from Tracy in HR because her naan bread arrived two minutes after her korma.


This would absolutely not work. Monzo can barely display the right merchant for the right transaction as it is, so you’d get reviews for a completely different business showing up on your transaction, probably opening Monzo up to legal trouble from the businesses as well.

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This made me laugh :joy:


How bad are we talking?

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Hello Aeorc, How would you see this working? I’m not sure Monzo are keen on building it which makes sense, I’d rather they dealt with my finances too. I think it’s a great idea and would like to connect to understand what your input could be to somethign like this.

Hey Alex, some of the responses to my initial question make sense - perhaps it would be a step too far for Monzo to venture into reviews (lol to Tracy’s Korma review). And also a step too far if Monzo had to police star ratings etc…

How about dialling back a bit and having a “Near Me” feature which shows a heat map of places most frequented (either number of times or by value or something)? I still think this would be great for travellers.

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Hello aeroc,

I think it probably is a step too far for Monzo, but what if Tracy does want to get irate with a naff curry? I mean we all have bad food experiences or good experiences too. You just don’t want it clogging up your banking app.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your experience with Monzo? Civilian user or employee ninja? :slight_smile:

Hi Alex - I’m not an employee but a long standing civilian user :slight_smile:

Most Monzo employees have the Monzo ‘M’ over their avatar where your ‘1’ in the grey circle is. This is how you can recognise them :slight_smile: