Merchant Data Corrections

Updated my local taxi merchant data about 5 minutes ago and it’s updated within the app already!

Keep submitting for a frequent pub I go to but that never gets updated, either using their website page or their Facebook page (which has the direct logo).

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wish we had a little more transparency about the inner workings of this system, and why things like that happen. Because it’s super frustrating and disenfranchising when it comes to contributing further to the crowdsourcing.

At a guess, I’d wonder if that independent looking pub is actually owned by a larger conglomerate. I’m not a pub person, but I know it’s pretty common in other industries. Big corporations buying small indipendant business and trading off the independent name, but behind the scenes process everything under that corporate identity. So your pub might simultaneously look like another pub someone else is trying to update.


It’s owned by a brewery, but the name is niche and it’s always had the same name.

Wetherspoons will always be just that, along with Slug and lettuce etc but “Liverpool Arms” has always had the same name, and can’t imagine people will be trying to call it Punch Brewery or whatever the group is called.

People might be trying to say “The LA” as it’s generally referred to as that by the locals, but even finding the Facebook and webpages should direct to the full name people are referring to it as.

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You never know!

More likely it’s the guy at Monzo seeing that and clicking the reject button. This is what I presume kept happing with my dog food subscription when @tjvr explained it last time. Independent brand name that everyone on that brand will know it by, processing it under the group name (which has no social media presence or brand identity) which most people will never have heard of, but is what Monzo sees and compares to the requested correction. It’s frustrating and why I feel like logos are broken, because Monzo have no workable solution for these ones.

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Not sure whoever is looking at it (if ever manual any more), is paying much attention.

Maybe someone can swing by and update to their Facebook logo to tidy up my bank holiday spending feed :eyes::joy:

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That’s a lot of arms you’ve bought


That was Sunday alone :melting_face: clearly my favourite place :joy:

Lots of arms, but legless.


This happens to me sometimes. I’d love to know the reasons that make one merchant get updated and another not, even when you’re supplying the information for it to be updated :man_shrugging:

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I’ve given up with this, when they can’t even correct my local Asda it’s not worth bothering.

I like the challenge :smile: I’ve got about 20 outstanding corrections that’s I’ve submitted. I recently had one from 2019 updated :raised_hands: There’s no rhyme or reason it seems but it’s fun keeping track.

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@tjvr is there anything you can do about NS&I transfer payments like premium bonds (incoming)? For premium bonds they always show up with a code ending in nspb and the payment reference of PB and then your holder number. I’m assuming this is a BACS payment because get paid early applies to it. I’ve submitted this on that just came in (plus past ones multiple times but never get updated). I was waiting for this withdrawal to flag it properly.

Interestingly, premium bond winnings must get processed differently as they have the correct logo already, but I believe are also BACS payments as get paid early applies

I had to report premium bonds lots of times, before they put an NS&I logo in…

It’s only withdrawals, and I’ve got 5 of them now, and no matter how many times I submit they don’t get updated. And I get it because there’s nothing in the data (we can see anyway) that really suggests it is NS&I, however I’m guessing the subtle inclusion of nspb in the reference means National Savings Premium Bonds - I’ll eat my hat if it doesn’t!

Anyway, it would be good if this could be captured by some auto-rule, as there must be more data that we don’t see customer side.