Men's perfume/aftershave

What do you guys use? I was looking for something cheap and but strong that says on your body…now days most of them lose their smell 20 min after you put them on

Neither are particularly cheap, I grant, but these are the two I use:

New York, by Parfums de Nicolai

Givenchy Gentleman

I have a number of others I sometimes use also, but those are the main two I rotate through that are “strong and stay on [the] body.”



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Sometimes the reason you may feel that smell has gone, is down to getting used to it.
I’ve had cases where I cannot smell my aftershave but I’ve had comments like “you smell really good”… Unless they’re just being very polite :wink:


old spice

If its good enough for my grandfather its good enough for me :rofl: :rofl:

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I always use Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.


This. If you are very aware of the aftershave you are wearing there is a high chance it is overpowering to the people around you.


Jumping in not as a user but out of all the fragrances/ aftershaves I’ve smelt on men, YSL Body Kouros is the most distinctive and long lasting I’ve experienced (my boss uses it). I can also walk past someone on the street and recognise it instantly. Guess and Gucci have pretty long lasting scents that routinely go on sale too.

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Or Brut! Splash it all over!

You need to find the perfume that works with your body, a perfume that smells good on someone else won’t necessarily smell good on you - it’s a great excuse to chat to people at the airport!

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Emporio Armani “he” only aftershave the wive doesn’t hate… as it doesn’t have a strong smell (she’s not a fan of perfume)

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A topic close to my heart. I love shaving and have been through a fair few aftershaves. If you are looking for a good lasting scent try Clubman Pinaud (Original). Unbelievable value and top notch Barber shop scent!

If it is good enough for Chuck Norris and my Dad, it is good enough for me!

When I used to have money to spare I’d always go for Armani Code.

My favourite is Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb but I’m also loving Mugler’sAlien Men - tragically I recently realised it’s the mens version of my mothers favourite perfume.

Spicebomb definitely lasts for ages, people compliment it at the end of the day, but it’s not overpowering. Alien is a bit subtler, people mostly compliment it if I’ve given them a hug.

:joy: I like Viktor & Rolf but Spicebomb is one of the single most disgusting fragrances I’ve ever used :speak_no_evil:

Don’t think I’ve tried Alien Men, is it similar to A* Men? That I’ve tried. Thought was OK, if a bit too modern for my tastes.

What does modern smell like? :thinking:



Now and again I use Hugo Boss.

David Beckham’s fragrance smelled awful. Cheap and nasty (ahem).

Although last week, when I met a mate for lunch, he told me my hoodie smelled nice. I’d sprayed it with Febreze the night before…


I suppose what I mean is they smell a little bit fresher, or cleaner. A little bit of extra lightness. Older fragrances have a little more body to them, a more satisfying musk.

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Never thought of it before but you’re right

I still think Lynx Africa is the greatest smelling thing ever :grin:

Big fan of anything from Murdock, my barber put me on to them years ago and it’s been my go-to since. They do a nice candle as well if you’re into making your place smell good. Good smells are important.