Luxury Watch owners: what do you wear/motivation to buy?

:wave: I have been very fond of wristwatches and their mechanics from a very young age. I have owned few watches in the affordable range starting from Victorinox, Tissot etc. Now I am in a position to buy a luxury watch.

I am curious what luxury watch people own as well as their motivations to buy. And crucially whether they still feel it was worth it?. Thanks.

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When I started earning a decent (to me) salary, I thought I’d treat myself to a “nice” watch (low/mid 4 figures), which no doubt registers as extreme luxury to some, and extreme peasantry to others :joy:

Like a magpie, I was drawn to the shiny dials and fancy name of Tag Heuer (I’d heard of them, liked them, and enjoyed the fact they sponsored a lot of motorsport stuff).

I think I ended up with the Grand Carrera Calibre 17 at the time, and felt very blingy…It looked like a nice expensive watch, which part of me at the time wanted.

Fast forward 3/4 weeks, and I’d spent most of the time wrapping my wrist in cotton wool… Afraid to ding the watch, afraid it would scratch… and really not enjoying it. I wasn’t in a position to start some fancy collection, so this was going to be the one watch to last a lifetime…

Except it wasn’t… It was too bling, too fancy, and it felt too fragile.

Luckily, the shop allowed me to swap it, and I ended up with the Omega Planet Ocean 8500.

It’s about as bog standard as you can get from the looks of it, and it doesn’t posses the wow factor when you wear it (apart from it being a decent sized chunky divers watch).

But it felt bomb proof, came from a slightly more credible watch company (IMO), and it seemed like this would be the watch to last a lifetime.

That was 10 years ago, and the only watch I’ve bought since in the Apple watch… If I sold my Omega, I’d probably get at least what I paid for it, and it still looks like new.

So yeah, I’d say if you enjoy a nice watch, it’s worth it - But think if you are buying it for you, or if you are buying it so that others know it’s a “nice watch”.

A lot of the more expensive watches are actually quite discreet, and I reckon more “every day people” would think some of the fancier cheaper watches were more expensive than the actual expensive watches.

Of course, if your definition of luxury is £10,000 and upwards… You’ve just read a very boring story about a paupers watch :joy:


I bought a few years ago a Citizen Eco Drive Navi Hawk watch for about £450 most expensive watch I bought, will see price of new S5 Apple Watch :wink:

I bought this due to the look and also it’s powered by light.

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Hahaha, I feel like this would be my trajectory if I bought one which is useful. And I actually have been considering the Seamaster 300m :laughing:

Do you wear your Omega much given that you have an Apple watch now?

Despite my love for Apple, I don’t value the watch at all (mainly because I don’t take advantage of the main features, and it literally serves as a watch to me).

I always take my Omega if I go anywhere overnight or on holiday (less chargers to worry about), but I tend to stick to my Apple watch at home and playing sport.

But… Part of this is because I know my Apple Watch has a countdown on it… Every day brings it closer to death (as with all technology), where as I see my Omega as immortal :joy:).

It’s quite refreshing knowing that I have something expensive, and I don’t need to use it every day to get the value out of it, and that it doesn’t have a lifespan.

When my current Apple Watch dies, I’ll likely just go back to the Omega for daily wear, but even if I don’t, it’ll always be there, and I have no desire to add to the “luxury watch” collection.


Tudor GMT is my dream luxury watch



Nothing better than a nice watch on your wrist. I’ve owned a couple of what I guess you could consider luxury, but actually the watches I’ve had most enjoyment from are the least expensive.

My first Watch was a 1970s Omega Geneve which is a 38mm automatic and had a brown leather strap. Beautiful to wear and I love older (I won’t say vintage incase it offends :wink: ) watches.

Then I purchased an Omega Speedmaster - this is a superb watch that you can pretty much wear with anything and feels substantial on the wrist.

But my daily wear currently has been a Seiko Diver Watch - for the price you get a lot of watch and I love wearing it, it just makes me want to be more active and really put it through its paces.

I’m looking for an Omega Seamaster currently but the reference 2220.80.00 - that’s the one worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and means a lot to my dad and I.

Between that and a Rolex Datejust - again timeless and really can be worn with anything.


I had a TAG a while ago and it was stolen from my desk drawer … lesson learnt.

I now have a couple of TW Steel over-sized watches … Not big bucks, but very nice and a bit of luxury. Also have an iWatch, but cannot remember the last time I wore it.

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+1 for Tudor - beautiful watches

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I’m more into 80’s watches watches than luxury. I got a bit addicted to checking this site at one point:

These days I mainly wear my Seiko H601-5109 but it needs a new battery at the moment.


Love all the ones suggested - might have to rethink my choices. My unrealistic choices were 2018 Seamasters (definitely not within my budget unfortunately). The open back is beautiful.

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I don’t suppose conspicuous consumption or vanity are acceptable answers? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m actually in the market for a good watch (probably not luxury) but it seems really hard to find something that’s well made, strong and high quality where you’re not also paying a massive premium for branding or similar.

If anyone has any recommendations for a clear, clean, white face watch with a leather band that will actually last a lifetime, I’m all ears. Something like this:

I’ve had about 5 watches get lost when the pins break in the last few years.

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I’ve found that whilst there is an obscene mark up on “brands” like you said, there is also a “you get what you pay for” element as well.


How about this? I love GS they are making some real fine watches.

Also Nomos are a German microbrand that do some really nice, clean watches


Thanks, like the second one a lot. I guess if I were to drop that sort of money on a watch though I’d want to know there’s zero chance of it getting knocked off if I’m climbing or mountain biking etc. Do you think it will definitely be strong enough?

edit: damn 3atm splashproof is a bit of a dealbreaker :frowning:

So to clarify…

You are looking for a bullet proof watch, which is stylish yet functional, lasts a lifetime and has a leather strap… all for an affordable price? :joy:

If you ever find this unicorn, let me know!

On a serious note, I think you are going to have to compromise somewhere.

My PO8500 is pretty bullet proof, lasts a lifetime and has the option for a leather strap.

Although it’s probably more bulky than what you are looking for (given it’s a divers watch).

I also wouldn’t wear it for climbing or mountain biking (assuming you mean serious stuff rather than a trip round the local reservoir with the kids).

For those activities, I’d always go for something cheap that is replaceable when it’s inevitably smashed.


I think I’ll just sort my own leather NATO strap! :slight_smile:

In which case all I need is something clean and white that’s waterproof and strong. But I worry I’m derailing the thread now, might try and split it off…

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If you stick with Nomos, they have this. Suitable for diving. For robustness you’ll struggle with a dress style watch.

This strap could also be swapped for a NATO or a leather.


I have a Tudor Black Bay. Unfortunately it doesn’t get a lot of wrist time now that I have an Apple Watch but it’s nice to get it out for special occasions.

Don’t regret buying it. It should last a very very long time :blush:

This is my favourite watch. My daily beater. Had a long waiting list before getting one. It’s the Rolex Explorer . Simple and elegant timepiece :heart::sunglasses: