Other Monzo Users

Does anyone else kind of feel this silent connection with other Monzo users? Say you’re in a restaurant and you spot someone put their hot coral card on the little tray that the server brings over and you kind of feel this link to them?

Or is that just me and I’m being weird?


There was a time when I first joined, I’d see another hot coral card and think “oh cool”, if it was a work colleague then we’de defo strike up a conversation.

Now not so much, it’s just another bank to me…


I’ve been with Monzo for 2 years now and i still get it! Glad to know its not just me though, even if thats kinda gone away for some people!




Yep, definitely a chuckle inside my head when I see another monzo card - mainly laughing at myself for always noticing the cards :joy:


No, it’s just a bank…


I always think oooo pretty Monzo card :see_no_evil: I just love the colour of the bank card… think that’s one of the reasons as to why I opened a bank account with Monzo lol

This is like wearing a football shirt and seeing a fellow supporter, More often or not fellow supporters are aloof.

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Back when this was just thousands of users, yes.

Now there’s almost four million users, …no. It’s just another bank, albeit one that’s been clever with marketing and being brave enough to use a non-blue/black/silver bank card that has helped them with being recognised.


I felt something the other day when I saw 4 different people’s Monzo cards being declined at Leon…

Watching one of them say “oh this is a new bank so it happens a lot”, and one another say that Leon’s PDQ must be faulty, despite the fact no other card payments including mine had an issue.

Best to remember it’s just a bank and save the warm and fuzzy feelings for when watching Love Actually


This must have been quite embarrassing. Can’t say my card declines often but no one likes to get caught without a working card especially as we head to being a cashless society

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Maybe it’s because I don’t live in a big city, but it is still quite rare to spot other Monzo users when out and about.
Only this week, during a short city break, I spotted a grand total of 1 Monzo card at the bar in the airport.

We have just recently started to take contactless payments at work (local public service) and I would say that not counting the “mainstream” banks, the cards we see most are:

  • Revolut

  • Starling

  • Monese

  • Monzo

Whilst I can understand Revolut, with their huge customer numbers, Starling and Monese are a surprise and I would have thought Monzo would have been more visible, given their relative popularity too.

I know there are many people who use Apple/Google/Samsung pay, so that may skew the number of actual cards seen.

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Yeah, I still smile.

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