Meeting Fellow Mondonauts!

(Matt) #1

I was stood at the bar of my local pub just now, waiting to pay for my food, when I get a tap on the shoulder… it’s a fellow Mondo user who had spotted my card! :rocket: Found it quite surreal, considering how small the Mondo community is at the moment, but was definitely cool being able to chat to another user! I guess it’s more surprising because I don’t even live in London! Would be interested to hear if anybody else has had any similar encounters!

(Dan Youster) #2

Must admit, when I was in London at the weekend I was looking out for that unmistakable pink debit card in someone’s hand, but unfortunately had no such luck. Don’t know why I “assume” I’d be more likely to see one in London that anywhere else…

(Rika Raybould) #3

It’s “Hot Coral”. :wink:

As for why you might expect more in London, I tend to see far more payment cards in general around London, especially with contactless on TfL. In some areas, you might also have a higher concentration of people with some interest in financial technology. While less of a reason now, you used to have to visit Mondo in person to collect Alpha cards, restricting it to only those who could easily get to Mondo towers in London!

(Dan Youster) #4

Yes that makes sense. And I like the sound of “Hot Coral”!

(Tom ) #5

I keep having near misses. On at least three occasions I’ve been into coffee shops and pubs and been told “Ah you’re the second person today with one of these cards. Where can I get one?”

Hot coral = clever marketing

(Caleb Wong) #6

Most met someone at Google Campus London :frowning:

(Tristan Thomas) #7

Ahh I’m still waiting for this moment! :smiley:

(simon) #8

Spotted my first “in the wild” one in Pod a few weeks back. Someone dropped a card and i looked over and there it was.

(emnorthcott) #9

I saw 2 mondonauts in 1 bar a couple weeks ago! :metal: