Sony Xperia XZ2 / Compact

Looks like Sony have made some changes to their design for their newest flagships. I kind of feel for them - they make consistently decent phones but struggle to find a USP.


In my opinion, they need more of the “Weird Sony” vibe that existed in previous years, the kind that wasn’t afraid to try out new things, like the Xperia Play device and stuff like that.

Their only USP right now seems to be the Compact line - putting premium specs into a smaller device. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be enough.

Any Sony device fans here?

The main USP of Sony seems to be that they are making invisible phones. I can see how it could help with security, but but everyone will realise you are using a Sony if you walk around with an empty hand next to your head.

The world’s gone mad, I tell you. Mad. image


Hmm… Shows fine on both my laptop and phone. Weird.

Doesn’t show here either. Safari on iOS on a Virgin Media connection, in case that affects things.

Does it show now?

Nope. iOS Discourse app (so Safari effectively, I presume).

I had a Z5 Compact which I loved, and was really looking forward to the XZ2 Compact, expecting it to be a good successor to buy. But they seem to have updated their unique-ish design language (which was overdue a refresh) to be “just the same as everybody else” while, I expect, keeping the Sony price markup.

Out with the fingerprint reader on the power button (for US patent issues it seems), out with the headphone jack, out with the bright case colours they used to have, in with the reduced-bezel HTC / Nokia / Xiaomi copycat anonymous look, and curvy back on the Compact.

Disappointed really, hoping it’ll either be much more appealing in real life than the leaked renders, or that at MWC next week another manufacturer reveals it’s getting into the “flagship compact” space, and with a bit more style/design/uniqueness.

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