McDonald's overcharge

(Lea Sheridan ) #1

I’ve been charge twice at Mcdonald when I paid contaclass

Monzo please can you check this out in only spent £3.98 even though I see add credits of 3.98 I’ve still been charged two time

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

you would be better reporting this problem in the in app chat directly to Monzo rather than here in a public forum and hoping it gets picked up by an employee at Monzo :wink:

not quite sure what you’re saying though - you have spent £3.98 at Macdonalds and been charged twice x £3.98 for your one purchase of £3.98 ?


Also look in the API output… Theres some buggyness around refunded amounts… Some are made invisible for clarity but its not perfected… So you can have an invizible deduction with a visible refund (I presume vice versa too)… I still have an outstanding one from Nov.

And again (sorry) this is exactly why there MUST be a way to reconcile accounts… A starting balance ending balance or a balance at top up… So that users can reconcile the monzo timeline.