Maximum withdrawal amount per day

How much can I withdraw per day from my Monzo account?

Also how much per day can I transfer money from the savings account to my main account?

Cash machine withdrawal limit is £400/day (if you go to the help tab in the monzo app and search for ‘limits’, you can see all the various limits and where you currently stand with them)

Transferring between your own pots/accounts is unlimited.

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that’s the limits on the account

Super helpful. Thank you!

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I believe if you want more you can do a chat and they can up something temporary, correct me if I’m wrong but I saw a few weeks ago someone needed a 5 digit withdrawal and j believe the team fixed it for them

I’m curious, how would you withdraw a larger amount in cash? Monzo doesn’t have a counter service, would you have to go to multiple cash machines?

No it’s a daily limit across all cash machines. You’d have to ask in chat for a higher limit.

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