Maximum daily ATM withdrawal

My legacy bank accounts have various limits from £200-£500+ (with no obvious reason for them or way to find out what they are). There doesn’t seem to be any practical reason for restricting access to your own money or preventing you from lowering it if you prefer?

What’s Monzo’s limit and how can you see it? How can you change it?

I currently carry about 5 debit cards because sometimes I find myself on a Sunday evening needing cash and that’s the only way to get sufficient from an ATM.

(aside: why the hell don’t UK ATMs let you choose denominations in 2019?)

Rolling limit of £400 per 24 hours on Monzo , go to card>manage and overdrafts>limits

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Sorry I’m confused - what’s this got to do with overdrafts?

And if I go to Account > Manage > Spending and card limits (not card>manage and overdrafts>limits) it says 24 hours but not rolling?

How can I increase this?

(Similar question, how to increase bank transfer limit too from a measly £10k?)

(edit- I’m on the new testing app layout that’s why the navigation is different to you)

I believe the limit is rolling so if you took out 400 at 2pm it won’t let you take our more money at 12.01am you have to wait until 2pm the next day.

I don’t know if they can up the limit, maybe they would for a one off.

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I’d need more like £5k preferably otherwise I’ll be stuck with legacy banks. Still would love to know what the point of this limit is.

The £10k one is even worse as that has worse consequences and little reason other than not trusting your customers.

Which bank lets you take out more than 1k at an ATM?

I’d guess one of the reasons is anti money laundering.


I’m trying to picture £10,000 in £20’s fitting through the slot


None that I’m aware of. Who said there is one?

An easy reason to give in any instance but makes even less sense in this one.

Huh? a) Every limit I’ve encountered with any bank is per day not per transaction. b) £10k was regarding bank transfers.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had £500 in £10s before. It was a while ago though so not sure if the polymer are slightly thinner. Not really sure why they don’t do £50s for withdrawals >£300 either.

Yeah I misread , I thought you meant your current bank lets 5k.

By stopping withdrawals of big amount without coming into branch with i.d. helps hinder people cleaning money through mule accounts.
Why does it make less sense in this case?

But I’d say there’s a chance the ATM providers would want a limit to stop people cleaning out their ATMs because iirc they only get one flat fee regardless of the size of the withdrawal.

You can increase the £10k bank transfer limit as a one off by asking in app chat. They cannot permanently increase the limit

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I’ve no idea. It’s been really useful for me when travelling.

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Is the daily atm limit not to stop your account getting cleaned out from theft?

I always thought it was a good idea as I’d heard a lot about knifepoint robberies taking people to ATMs to withdraw cash.


That would make sense.

That does make sense. But then why the 2-3x discrepancy? And how does it help when people end up having to carry 10 debit cards.

Same issue as badly-implemented password security ending up in post-its stuck to monitors. There are much more elegant solutions if that’s genuinely the issue.

I don’t follow? Why would you need 10?

10 * £500 = £5000

£5000 in cash?

Go on then, you’ve piqued my curiosity.


Unless you were running a very successful pub or something, not sure why you would need that much cash on a Sunday evening. Also probably should be using a business account if so

Colour me a little curious


But it shouldn’t really matter what the use case is, just that it’s there.

Monzo is not the bank for dealing with physical cash, either withdrawing or depositing.

Get a Santander account they’ll let you take £5,000 without notice, assuming they have the funds. The other big legacy can do £2,500 in branch without notice, again they may not have the cash at that specific time.

If you want higher you’ll have to give a heads up and arrange a meeting to collect the money from the bank manager. You’ll probably be asked why the reason.

UK ATMs are all £500 as far as I’m aware.

In Vegas you could say get $5000 at ATMs, but really if you want high stakes go inside and they’ll convert any amount to chips so you aren’t carrying absolute wads of cash about.