How do I withdraw a large sum of cash?

How do I withdraw £3500 from my account in cash?


In all seriousness, you can either spend 10 days withdrawing it £350 per day as there is a £400/day limit – or you can search in the Help page of the Monzo app for temporarily increasing your ATM limits, but you will be grilled.


Move it to a bank with a branch.


If you are not desperate, you can withdraw £400 a day (the daily limit for most people) over 9 days.

If you need it NOW, then your options would be:

  • Transfer the funds to another account that allows withdrawals via a branch/Post Office
  • You can request a temporary higher withdrawl limit via the app (search for “making a large cash withdrawl” in the help section), but this may take a while to approved/rejected by Monzo staff.
    If you do request a higher limit, and it’s accepted, then the only thing standing in your way would be the available cash in the ATM.
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