Withdrawing cash from Monzo - LIMITED

Hello All,

I’ve recently realised that Monzo has a £400 per day limit for ATM Cash withdrawals. Now I understand that most banks have a limit on cash ATMs per day, but the fact they have Branches means you can walk in and ask for more. If you need ALOT more (buying a car with cash etc.) then you make a request in branch and the cash is normally ready for you in a couple of days…

The fact that Monzo doesn’t have branches how would you withdrawn £7000 cash? I’ve asked Monzo and you can request the daily amount to be increased for a one off, but I assume that request could be declined. Also if it was approved, can you withdraw £7000 from ATMs?

I think Monzo can raise your daily limit temporarily on 24 hours notice. This was discussed here;

If it’s a one off purchase, could you personally justify transferring the value to a legacy bank account to use the branch facilities? Not sure if that would seem a bit like misusing services tho!

Sure I’ve read that branch style facilities might be introduced in future via post office branches, so maybe a large withdrawal will be able to arranged that way in the future?

A bit unsure of many times in life anyone would pref a huge amount in cash rather than debit or bank transfer.

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As long as you have a genuine case there isn’t really any reason Monzo should decline.
Even if you go to a bank branch and request to withdraw a large amount they sometimes require advance notice or you to explain why.
The checks are only in place for Money laundering etc.


Yep agreed, so Monzo will prob approve the increase the daily amount…but would an ATM be able to spit of £7,000 > £10,000 in cash?



I guess you wouldn’t know, I read somewhere a long time ago that most can store up to £100,000 but they are rarely full. If you went in the morning after it had been stocked up you could probably take £10K out, especailly ones within a branch.

If the ATM is in a busy location it’s more likely to have more cash in it.

Nowadays with ‘Know Your Customer’ etc, I would expect a big cash purchase to flag up on any business’s risk list and for them to decline.

Accepting large amounts of cash:

Whereas debit card:

  • No/less need for due diligence as it’s all handled in the banking system
  • No theft risk
  • Cost of a debit card transaction is normally around 20p no matter how big the amount
  • Low change of fraud (especially with chip and pin)

Highest ever cash purchase I’ve made in my life was £1.5k for a new computer back in the early 00s : and just carrying that amount of my own money around was worrying (I’ve “banked” hundreds of thousands for employers over the years - but if I’m robbed between their store and the bank, at least they are insured!).

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Get in touch with COps via the in-app chat and your withdrawal limits can be temporarily increased once a few additional security checks are done :+1:

Please try and do this as far in advance as possible though, and at least one working day before you’d like to make your withdrawal. This just makes sure there’s plenty of time for your limits to be increased.

This does of course assume the ATM is holding the amount you need, but if for any reason you can’t withdraw the full amount, just let us know as soon as you can. We’ll make sure you can withdraw what you need, even if it means you need to visit another ATM.

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Having a bit of inside info I can say that a Barclays ATM should have well over £10k in it. If you go in the late morning the average one will have about £0.1million waiting to be dispensed so in theory you could withdraw your large amount.

In practise though, that little slot is not going to be able to dispense £7000 in one pop. I don’t have facts but I would say £1k in 20’s or £500 in 10’s is the most you’d be able to get out at a time, if the ATM provider doesn’t have lower limits.

If you managed to get Monzo to increase your limit to £7k you’d probably have to make at least 7 transactions to get the money out.


In reality, who would be comfortable standing at an ATM and waiting for 7k in cold hard cash to be churned out, and not attract attention from over-lookers!!

Robbery in the making.


I was wondering this too. Surely the ATM will say “Nope, I can’t really dispense that many at one time”?

What is this ‘cash’ you old people speak of? :face_with_monocle:


The last time I tried to withdraw a stupid amount of money from an ATM (I was curious as to what the ATM limit was), I think it said something like £2,500 using £10 and £20 notes.

I don’t think the ATMs themselves have a set limit, they just have the amount of cash they have. You could probably visit multiple ATMs (or those Barclays ones in London that give out £50 notes).


I found it scary enough withdrawing £1500 in two £750 withdrawals with my RBS card, No way I would take out £7000! Thank God in recent years everyone has accepted a bank payment.

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I’d definitely make sure I was doing it at least inside a bank ATM located inside the bank, not outside on the street.

I agree with what everyone is saying and yes all places accept cards, but cash is still king and always will be. You can get good discounts when paying by cash.

TBH anyone requiring cash for that amount would set my alarm bells ringing. I’m happy to bank transfer but I wouldn’t do cash.

It won’t be King for long.

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Only from tax evaders!


If you’re buying something second hand from someone I don’t know why they insist on cash unless they are up to no good.

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I bought a car off eBay in cash years ago and have to say I wouldn’t do it again.

I remember as the very big and tough guy gleefully grabbed my wad of cash and passed it to his friend (who could’ve played an inbred in Wrong Turn) to count it - my heart sank as I realised I’d be completely helpless if the friend disappeared and seller said said “so when are you gonna give me the money?”.

Fortunately they didn’t do that and I got my car. The fact that it turned out to be an absolute shambles of a car and the engine packed in within 6 months is another story. Lessons learned :tired_face: