Massive Delay Updating Pots

Issue: When I goto Account tab my pots are out of sync, this morning I transferred money out and the IFTTT task I have transfer money in, it takes nearly a 30+ seconds to update and I am not sure if it is doing it as nothing happens so I just jump in and out of a pot or back and forward to account tab waiting for update.

Details to reproduce: Open app then go to Account tab and pots
OS: Latest Dev BETA
Device: iPhone 8
App Version: Latest Testflight

Screenshots: NA

I have also noticed this with my roundups!

Very slow to update :-1:

I think it has been since the new layout

Already posted here Pots Bug

I’ve noticed a lag in my roundup pot updating the balance. It may happen with my other pots, not sure, but much more noticeable on the roundup pot due to the frequency of balance changes on it.
I noticed the lag with the old account screen too, not just with the new layout.

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This is a different issue, the total on the main pots screen does not update even if manually transfer money.

It’s the same thing, I had money scheduled to leave pots to main account and to pots, these are completed by 3am, the pots amount that was moved to main account was still showing the exact same amount as yesterday and should have been £0, the pots that had £x scheduled to go into them where still £0.

So after 3+ hrs, I think I 1st seen it about 7am, the only way to fix was to reset session

So far 3 days behind and will not update.

When is this gonna get fixed?

Yesterday was 8 hours for my round ups to make it to the right pot. Took a few days earlier in the week

This is getting rather boring tbh, I was working before they moved things around so how has it broken after.

Having exactly the same problem. Money moved from two days again still hasn’t updated the pot it’s gone into. Stupid thing is it’s so obvious as my overall total which is right doesn’t match the current showing totals on my pots. What a pain!!!

As this happens to me and with joint account, the wife uses the exact same iPhone with the latest version (not TestFlight like mine) if mine is delayed as soon as she logs in within seconds mine works fine as she is on the old account screen :wink:

I know it doesn’t help the non joint account peeps but the issue is the new account screen and would not be at all surprised if it is due to the CC check/ updates

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This not working is a huge problem. It’s presenting an incorrect representation of how much money I’ve got :frowning:

Hi all,

Thanks for reporting, we’re currently working on a fix, in the meantime we’ve turned off this feature, if you force close the app and reopen it should display the old account screen.

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Hi @craigj I have force quite the app multiple times but still seeing the new account screen layout at the mo.

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Same here

I posted this just now on another thread, but I think worth mentioning here too:

I don’t know about others, but the massive delay people are mentioning is only been happening for me since I switched roundup from a non-interest pot to my Investec Savings Pot, which I did on 6th April. Roundups are a day behind now.

Although there was a delay when I had roundup with a normal pot, it was only a matter of minutes in comparison.

Hi folks, thanks for reporting this issue, and sorry for the pain!

We’ve got a fix that we’re testing now, and should be in the next release. The new account tab has been turned off for all Testflight users for now, but if you enabled the Monzo Labs credit card feature we’ll need to do it manually. If you can DM me your email address I’ll get it sorted and you back onto the old account tab.

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Hi Yvette,

No need for me actually… youve already moved me back to the new accounts page even though I enabled the barclaycard implementation :man_shrugging:

I enabled but never used turned off but still stuck on new page.