Manually pick upcoming payday

So like many I get paid on the last Friday of every month. Which is today :partying_face:

However, this coming month will unfortunately be a 5 weeker (29th March)

There should be a way to pick a manual payday within the spending summary. I understand having an automated process is the way forward but this month is a bit of an exception.

If there is a way of doing this please inform me.

I’m still waiting for weekly payday to be added to get a more accurate summary because it always seem to show I’ll be out of money even though I get paid weekly, it because I have weekly So setup as well


Seconded. I’m a contractor, so salary is weekly (dividend is whenever…)

As detailed above in summary you can select the calendar icon (top right) and change the start date of the current period without affecting previous periods.

This functionality was coming “soon” last November.

It’s gone quiet ever since - it was part of their plan to update budgeting at the time but it’s been left since with no update.


For those paid weekly an option could be to put it in a pot until the end of the month, and pay yourself.

This is a niggle of mine- can’t see how it can be that difficult to change something to the last friday of a month

I’ve just set this up for myself, and there is no option for if the Payday falls on a weekend, the Friday before the Payday… would be a good option for me.

For example, if the Payday lands on either the Saturday or Sunday, I would get paid on the Friday before.

Ignore this, I misread ‘The working day before’ D’oh.

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