Custom payment periods

Currently changing the period of the ‘left to spend’ feature sets a fixed date each month.

I would find it handy if instead you could pick a “start period date/payday & end period date/day before next payday”.

For example; my usual pay is 28th. But this month I’m getting paid on the 25th. While my pay after that is 28th again. But if I change the date for ‘left to spend’, it’ll set up to the 25th next month which isn’t reflective of this months pay period and doesn’t include later bills.

What do you think? This may have been asked before I have searched and couldn’t find.

Hi Liam & welcome :wave:

There are a few existing topics that have votes against them:

Tap on the blue ‘Vote’ button at the top of each to increase the vote counts. There’s no guarantee :monzo: will implement the features, but it helps to increase their visibility in the list of community requested features.