Monthly/Weekly spend based on individuals pay day?

Would anyone else find it useful to be able to input your specific pay day, i.e. ‘The last working day of the month’ or ‘25th of each month’ and then have a running total from that date to the next? Or weekly if that’s how you’re paid?


This is definitely something we’re thinking about :slight_smile: I know @hugo has had a lot of requests for this!


We will start to explore those concepts with our Target based budgeting system. We’ll let you define the period you want to budget for, so you could fix the date of your next payday.

The really cool thing will happen once we’re a bank, at that point your salary will be actually paid into your Mondo account and thanks to that we should be able to adjust the whole experience (graphs, budgets, notifications) to that timeframe (without any input from the user) :star2:


Is this still an idea? I haven’t been a user for too long and this was the first pain point i cam across!

Yes, it’s still an idea. I’m sure we’ll build it at some point :slight_smile:

Just wondering if this idea is something that will be having this year? It can be a pain if you don’t get paid first or last day of the month

I’m also interested in this - I get paid on the 28th, so monzo won’t work for me until I can use this date as the basis of my spending periods

Several of my colleagues are new monzo users but we all get paid on the 15th and all have this gripe. It would be great for spending reports to be based on pay day

Yes, this would be great in the current account app!

Another bump for this feature, would be really handy :slight_smile:

It’s coming in the redesign of spending later this month :raised_hands:

Can we do weekly paydays like Thursday to Thursday, if not it would be a great feature to add


Agreed I get paid weekly (like most people who work in West End Theatres.) and the monthly budgeting just doesn’t work for me, which is a gripe.

100% would find this so useful :grinning:

As a new user and as a self employed person I find the summary section dissapointing as it seems to only work properly for people eith normal monthly PAYE jobs.I get paid after a job so my income can be random and at random times. it would be amazing if you can select a end date to your budget (I.e when you next think you will get paid) rather than only for a monthly period. and if it could take into account any of you major bills in that time period it would be the best bank ever!! I would recommend it to everyone in my industry!!

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Paid weekly and the budgeting tool is just all over the place for it, it seems like a pretty simple fix to change this really!

I agree, I get paid on the last Friday of the month so it would be good to be able to set that in the budget.