This Period Date and Payday

I get payed on the last workday of the month, which means it can be any date. It would be great to link the period calculations and summary differently so this function was actually helpful to me.

You can do this already within summary (if I have understood you correctly). Set your summary reset date as “custom” and then “31st” and on the next option chose “The working day before”.


As above :point_up: That’s what I use :slight_smile:

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Oh cool. Thank you!

I get paid ever 4 weeks and do my shop for the week ahead on Saturday so the solutions offered below doesn’t solve it for me.
More flexibility in the monthly budget would be really helpful. Or being able to mark a cost in a different months budget something like that.

Can you not use the “or pick the date of a recent incoming payment” option in the below screen?

Yes. I think. Does this also cover the “working day before part”?

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Sorry I wasn’t replying to you, I just pinched your screenshot :smiley:

That was a response to @Eniaro

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Yh, you can definitely do this

Thinking about it more this is what I use :rofl: So yeah it does work :see_no_evil:

I get paid on the last Friday of every month which varies each time just like it would if it was 4 weekly.


Also get paid on last Friday of every month, so options that let you select a date relative to the end of the month would be great