Manage your money together with joint accounts!

(Daniel White) #227

I didn’t end up seeing this because you replied to @HoddzDJ rather than me.

Isn’t your Blog really a bit misleading as it clearly says you fixed it several weeks before this blog post and we will ‘see it in this release’ but now you’re saying that no-one has even started building it?

(Simon B) #228

Hey @Reck!

Thanks - we are definitely looking at how to improve joint accounts and we’re sorry that we haven’t updated the status on these for a while. So, CASS is definitely on the roadmap and we hope to deliver this before the end of the year. Improvements to Summary are definitely on the way too, and there will also hopefully be significant updates to this in Q4. This will allow flexibility on periods and therefore it won’t just be tied to paydays or specific amounts of incoming transactions. Pots for joint accounts are potentially also a Q4 goal.

I don’t think we’re looking at Overdrafts or support for Joint Accounts in the short term, and right now Monzo Web is mostly an emergency interface if someone has lost their phone - although it’s possible, it’s not likely that both users of a joint account lose their phones at the same time, so it’s not a high priority.

(Russell Bishop) #229

Anyone have a workaround or an update on this? I need it too :frowning:

(Andy) #230

Thanks @simonb really pleased to see this update, and appreciate the time you’ve taken to collate for us needy customers! Begging for pots in Q4! :pray:


Bit disappointing they’re only potentially a Q4 goal. Starling won’t let me reopen an account so I’m really struggling to find a way to give money a job in our joint account, I don’t know what any of its for. Guess I’ll have to make a spreadsheet to manage it :neutral_face:

(Mo) #232

Really disappointing to hear these are only a potential goal for Q4. Would it help persuade the developers to prioritise them if we send :doughnut:?


This. Pots are definitely one of those features that makes Monzo so special. Their absence in the joint account is quite noticeable! :cry:

From a purely selfish point of view: they’re also a feature I sold my partner on when attempting to convince her to open a joint account! I get asked every few weeks “are there joint account pots yet?”, I answer “no” and look a bit silly. :blush:

(Adam Kendrew) #234

Me too. She doesn’t like the thought of all our money just being dumped into the main account.

(Frank) #235

In the same boat. Pots makes all the difference.

(Micky) #236

Its comforting to know there are other that feel the same about joint account pots as me

(Andy) #237

Same boat here. Every other day I’m getting pestered for pots and it’s going to turn in to wanting to move to another bank soon

(Mo) #238

Me too! I’m in the dog house for making things worse not better


Out of curiosity - Do all of those who use a joint account, pretty much ONLY use the joint account?

I maybe use my personal account once per month, and that’s more to do with bank transfers/getting a payment, than card payments.

99% of everything we do is through the joint account.

Sadly, I don’t think there are loads of joint accounts up and running with Monzo, so the priority is understandably lower - Although I think with CASS, pots and overdrafts, Monzo would see a huge uptake in people wanting a joint account.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #240

We use the joint account for all household direct debits, groceries and any joint expenses.

I still use my current account for my direct debits (car, motorbike, insurance, mobile etc) and spending money on clothes, beer, tech and everything else :slight_smile:

So they both get used fairly equally.

(Mo) #241

I have a weekly spending allowance in my personal account and we use the joint account for shared outgoings such as food and fuel at the moment

(Andy) #242

My personal account holds our joint savings otherwise it wouldn’t be used at all


Same, about a 50/50 split.

Joint pots would so useful. My other 'alf had a load of good ideas: Christmas, holiday spending money, car expenses (insurance, servicing).


This type of discussion always fascinates me (I’ve had it with friends as well).

Because my wife works part time (to do the school runs, save on 4 billion pounds worth of childcare), we don’t have a situation where my money is mine, and her money is hers.

It all goes into one pot, and we just take from there.

But I have many friends who are in relationships where they both earn similar amounts, and it’s more of a case that whatever is left after the joint bills, is theirs to do with as they please.

I guess in the latter scenario, your personal Monzo account would be used more.

But for us, and anyone in the former scenario (I’d guess at least @glasgow was in this bracket as well), the personal account simply gets neglected as it serves very little purpose.

I had initially thought the majority of people using a joint account would do it this way, but from reading other comments, it doesn’t actually seem to be the case.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #245

Mine is currently on maternity so kind of similar. Therefore instead of the split being the usual 50/50 it has increased more for me.

Now I’m fascinated :smile:

Doesn’t taking everything from the same pot cause lots of arguments (can’t think of a better word)? My car payment is way more than hers so that’s one thing. If I wanted to splash out on a new gizmo or a night out with my mates how does that work? Do you have to keep a tally of who is treating themselves the most and how much they’re spending? I think I’d feel guilty that my expensive taste and frivolous spending could be costing her as well if we did it this way.

(Frank) #246

They are healthy discussions :joy: