Manage your money together with joint accounts!

(laura gold) #207

i have other friends with Monzo that i can select to have a joint account with, just not my husband. so this would be my husband needing to activate on his side?

(Jack) #208

Also make sure you both have the latest app updates. There have been some bugs in the past I beilive.

(Jack) #209

Most likely yes :slight_smile:

(Hugh Wells) #210

You can now sign up for another joint account with anybody after closing an existing one :raised_hands:

  • If you closed your joint account before today, please contact us via the in app chat so we can reset that for you. It won’t be a problem going forward
  • The restriction on only 1 joint open account at a time still applies :blush:

cc. @Christophorus - thanks for poking this :+1:

(Tom is my hero. Not that one. ) #211

Thanks for getting this sorted Hugh. I appreciate it.

Anyone else fancy being poked too?

(Daniel White) #212

Did this ever actually get implemented because I don’t see it:


I’ve not seen it (I’m on latest TF).

Don’t think it ever arrived from memory.


No it was something they were thinking of doing if I remember correctly. As far as I’m aware, it hasn’t been released.

(Daniel White) #215

Same here with TF, I thought it was odd.

@HoddzDJ, this blog article seems to suggest that it was already a done deal “a few weeks” before it was posted on 14th August so is pretty misleading. Maybe something for @Jami to clarify?

(Rob Harding) #216

100% agree :+1:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

(Mark ) #217

Is there a list of what you are working on for Joint Accounts, and in what order? I’m particularly interested in when pots will be available. Thanks!

(Jami Welch) #218

The account switcher designs that Jessica shared previously haven’t been built yet - there are still some design problems we need to solve before we can add it to the apps. Hope this clarifies!