Making recurring payments on Monzo even better

Here’s what we’re doing to make recurring payments on Monzo even better!


Looks great, but I have two separate subscriptions with Adobe (two single app subs, basically) and I think the subs tracker is only letting me track one or the other :slightly_frowning_face:


Looks good!

I would love the ability to edit standing orders without having to delete and re-create though.


I have this same issue but with itunes :confused:

Also the “Scheduled Payments” button on the payments tab doesn’t say how many subscriptions I have like it does with DD and SO.

Great we can now add our own though, even though Monzo are adding more automatic detection for these :slight_smile:

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I pay my child minder and my cleaner weekly but I don’t want to set up a recurring payment for it because amounts change and sometimes there are weeks off. I don’t seem to get the option to toggle recurring payments for these, which would be useful because I do have to budget for it.

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The option appears for some merchants, but not others - annoyingly it is the ones they don’t show for that I’d like to mark as recurring.

I make an outbound Bank Transfer on the same day each month - will there be an option to mark this as recurring, or would it have to be a Standing Order?

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If you pay them by a bank transfer, I think you’d just need to setup a standing order to replicate this functionality.

Would be cool in the future to have the ability to set one up from the payment screen as a scheduled payment, though.


I have a similar payment I can’t mark. It goes out monthly as a card payment similar to Netflix/NowTV etc.

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Yeah I have one of those too, a credit file check service. No option to mark as recurring so far, but hopefully it’ll show up at some point

Do we have editable standing orders now? Rather than cancel and set up again?

Would love to be able to name a pot for the payment to come out of.


Thanks so much for this. This has made the summary feature much more usable for me now.

I’m finding anything older than a week doesn’t have the option to be marked as recurring. Not sure if it’s intentional or not :confused:

I’m sure an issue like this has been mentioned but… I pay X amount to a friend for bills each month but the amount changes. It’s not a huge fluctuation but not worth setting up a standing order (causing complications…Like having to make another payment)

Is there a way to add a payment like this? Perhaps like a standing order but before it goes the amount is editable?


This payment is on it’s third month. Maybe there’s some other thing that’s meaning it’s not being picked up

Hey all,

  • If you aren’t seeing the toggle in your apps, please make sure you’re using the most recent version - and if that doesn’t work, force-close and re-open the app. It may need to catch up to the fact we enabled the feature on our servers this morning.

  • If you want a regular bank transfer to be predicted each month, it is best to create a standing order.

  • We started work on the ability to edit standing orders today, so look out for news soon!


I think this is because the app has locally stored versions of your older transactions, so doesn’t know that subscriptions can be enabled for them. I think this would be fixed with a force-close of the app, or signing out and back in again.

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I was able to set two iTunes subscriptions as recurring :thinking:

Multiple subscriptions for the same merchant should be possible, you just need to create them from each initial transaction. We have some logic that looks at the original date and amount, and then tries to match incoming payments to whichever is closest (in order to replace a prediction with a real payment).

(EDIT: I might have misunderstood the ability to create more than one sub per merchant, double checking now!)


Interesting problem here. I pay for a 1Password subscription, but they don’t accept GBP, so it comes out as 4.79 USD from my account every month. It doesn’t give me the option to mark it as a recurring payment, presumably because the amount differs every month due to the exchange rate fluctuating. Any way to fix this?

What’d be great is if summary looked at the current exchange rate and gave a prediction based on the most up-to date data available! :slight_smile: