Scheduled Payment Ideas

Hello Monzo Community - First post here so forgive me if it makes no sense - Firstly Monzo is epic and the customer service is amazing :+1:

However i do have a suggestion for the layout of the whole Scheduled payments page. First suggestion on it would be to re-name the scheduled title and re-name to something like Frequent Payments (if screen space allows) or something along them lines, the reason for this is because Scheduled doesn’t ring right personally. Secondly within the scheduled payments page itself i have draughted up some design ideas to make the usability a bit better (financial information redacted) using screenshots from the Monzo app from Android. Please note these didn’t take long and are really rough but give the idea.

As you can see from the payments page i added a new tab in which you can add the recurring payments there instead of on the scheduled page, this frees up some more room on the scheduled page. On the scheduled page itself its the same with the item removed thats on the payments page, personally to make it easier to see what has gone out or not i added the paid and due under the cost for easy access, maybe even a filter option could be added to filter by whats been paid and what hasn’t.

As i said this is just a idea that could make the app a bit more streamlined.

My payments tab is already pretty full, without adding more buttons to it. To be honest, scheduled is where recurring payments make the most sense to me.

Perhaps just renaming the scheduled tab to “Recurring” would be suitable, that would still work for DD’s but also sounds a bit more correct for subscriptions and the like.

I do like your suggestion of a Paid/Due tag on each item though :+1:

So I actually like that it’s called scheduled payments for this reason: when I schedule a one off payment for a weeks month in advance I want to still be able to see that I’ve got that coming up rather than just finding out when it’s been paid and/or Edit it. With most banks this goes into a black hole and all you can see coming up are direct debits and standing orders.

But while you’re at it it wouldn’t be a bad idea if while still showing all scheduled payments in the same list if there was some icon that could denote direct debits over standing orders/debit card based subscriptions.