Making payments which need the name on the card

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Hi guys,
I’ve had a couple of payments not work recently, which seems to be because the vendor needs the name as it is printed on the card, which it isn’t. I’ve tried typing in my name, but it doesn’t get authorised.

has anyone else had this?



As far as I can tell, you can put whatever you like in for the name.


VWhen I ran a business with a merchant account for taking credit/debit cards, the information required was:

  • Card number (16-digits, 15 for AMEX)
  • Start Date (if applicable)
  • Expiry Date
  • Issue number (if applicable)
  • CVV (3-digits on rear of card, or 4 on front of AMEX)
  • numbers from first line of address, ie flat and/or street number
  • numbers from postcode

The name on the card was never required for the mechanics of authorising the payment. That’s only my experience, it may be required by some firms?

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Not experienced this - which merchant(s)?

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It’s never been an issue with any card I’ve owned including monzo - I just put my name, even though it appears on cards in various forms (with or without middle initial, sometimes spelled out and sometimes initials).

I think it’s just for their internal tracking.

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I was on the etihad airline website, interesting to read though that name doesn’t seem to be critical…


@Johnny I work in a firm of solicitors in their finance department. What you have ousted is all we require and all I need to put through card payments.


I’ve also had sites/merchants which ask for the name as it is on the card. I just put my name how the app displays it and it has gone through fine


Careful. I have experienced it once on EgyptAir that the check in guy insisted that the name printed on the card to make the purchase matches the name on the ticket. Otherwise they would not let my father in law fly.

This was an issue because his name on the card was spelled differently than in the passport (transliteration issues from Arabic > Latin letters) and they would not let him fly (that was in Heathrow for reference).

Fortunately it wasn’t a huge issue as he had a fully refundable ticket, and they still had tickets on sale for a comparable price, so he just booked a new ticket, but it may happen.

(For reference: I and my family members have flown EgyptAir many times, and never been asked to show my card, except this once. So it seems to be an extreme exception [I asked the EgyptAir employee at that time, and they confirmed the same]. However, you may wish to take this into account when paying for air tickets were either your name isn’t printed on your card, or the name on the card doesn’t match that on your passport, which I believe will be possible with monzo current account debit cards.)

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Had few online merchants ask for this since I got my CA. Not had any issues, touch wood, so far.

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