Name printing on cards

Can I ask why people’s names are not printed on the front of the bank cards? If there is no name reference on the front of the card what relevance does the signature strip on the back of the card have?

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It’s quicker that way. That’s why you get your mondo card in a couple of days. Also it’s chceaper this way. They’ll probably bring when they have full accounts.

Personally I never had any problems with the card not having my name.


Names aren’t printed on the prepaid cards because they are produced in bulk and then mailed out as required. It’s significantly cheaper and allows them to get cards to you as soon as the next day!

There’s an ongoing debate here in the community over if the final cards should have a name stamped on them.

As for signature, that’s for legacy swipe and sign payments that are still used in places such as the US (though they’re very slowly moving to EMV chip and pin, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay). It has no relation to any name stamped on the card.

I’ve twice been declined the use of my card to set up a tab as it doesn’t have my name on it. Would think it unlikely final versions would be nameless.

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I don’t think having your name on the card would effect the merchants ability to charge the card, I suspect they are more questioning the authenticity of the card as they haven’t seen one before and it’s bright pink :confused:

I don’t think it’s anything to do with the colour. It’s more to do with proving it’s your card.


Hmm interesting, didn’t think about that, What would they check it against though?

If a card has a name on it then they can ask for photographic id like driving license

Ahh okay, never thought about that!

Learn something every day :+1:

I’ve been refused my card a couple of times as it doesn’t have my name on. Tried to say my name was the account numbers but that didn’t work :scream:


I’ve not even been questioned about mine, however I have normally already stuffed it into the PDQ machine by the time they would have had chance to look at the card :slight_smile:

I’m not worried about not having my name on the card, in fact I quite like it that way :blush:

My hot coral card is my id, I need no name. If you need to ask who I am I don’t need to spend there


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I’m also thinking for the future, if for example you need to hire anything (especially a car), your name needs to be printed on the card or if the chip fails on the card itself (and before it can be replaced) many merchants will allow it to be swiped and signed only if your name is printed on the card.

Also I guess it will stop any confusion with people asking on here what name they need to use during online shopping checkouts, as many seem to be using the account number which for now is fine but in the future when your actual account number is printed, all sorts of problems could occur.

I just had my first knock back at a casino in Spain. Tried to get chips from the cash desk and was refused because there was no name on the card. Even showed them the app with the card copy on it and then my registered details. ATM was turned off, so couldn’t use that either.

Almost all online transactions when entering your card details first question is; Name as it appears on the front of the card.

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There is no doubt in my mind that names will be printed on cards once we have current account debit cards. But these prepaid cards don’t need them what so ever in my eyes.

Well I’m his case he obviously did need a name on the front ?

So my card took about 10 days to arrive, but that is partially my fault as I requested it Fiday at 8PM on a bank holiday weekend :sweat_smile:
One day before the card arrived I chatted with the support team and they will send another card. And just the next day my oiginal card arrived, and I activated it and started using. The following day the replacement card arrived (Just 2 days after it was sent :slight_smile: ).
So what to do with the second card ?
I had a chat with the support team to ask, and told them that my wife wants a card as well and if she coul use it. They said YES :smiley:
Because there is no name on the card, she could just register, and as soon as she gets to the screen telling that the card has been sentshe just click on the magic coral button and activate the card. BRILLIANT :slight_smile:
And to be honest no one ever checks the names on the card anymore, especially with contactless cards.

If she’s on iPhone she should be able to register the card immediately. Unless I’ve misread you. I think it’s a three finger swipe on the screen, after registering, and you’ll be able to activate the card.

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three finger swipe on the waiting list page in the app