Making payments: Details don't match

It used to be that when I made a payment, Monzo would show me what was wrong with the payment details. E.g is enter J Smith and the account was registered to John Smith. With this I could make a sensible decision whether or not to proceed. However it now seems that Monzo just says ‘Details don’t match’ which makes it impossible for me to determine whether the discrepancy is minor (such as initial vs. full name) or something I actually want to sort the transaction for.

Is this a change Monzo could revert as it has reduced to confidence I have when making payments?

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Is it for a payment you’ve made before?

I ask as the way I understood it to work was that if you get a few details wrong (like spelling a name wrong or, like you say, putting J Smith instead of John Smith) you’d get the recipient’s actual name. But if it’s way off (sticking in Gemma Wright instead of John Smith) you wouldn’t get John’s real name, just a notice that they don’t match.


I’d say if it was minor, you’d be given the former as I’ve had it recently.

If it’s a mismatch then you’d just be told not to send as it’s incorrect and not even close.

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