Making Monzo's looking a bit stale

Shame the Emma app went all game-y.

What do you mean out of curiosity ?

Oh? In what way?

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Monzo are inconsistent with their announcements and also regularly launch something, or announce something and then go radio silent.

Merchant enrichment? I’d hazard no updates done in weeks…

Dark mode? No mention

Joint accounts? Neglected

I feel like Monzo is slowly becoming more and more “meh”, rather than “wow”


Have fun? :smiley:. I’d like to ask: is the future plan for Monzo that upcoming products and direction won’t be announced or discussed with the community, as they generally have been up until now? Wondering if you could set expectations.

Hi again! :wave:

Like I said before, we’ll retire the roadmap page soon (just need to take some more links out of the app).

Right now there isn’t anyone to own maintaining an external-facing product roadmap. I’d love it if our Product Marketing team fancied taking it on. But it’d also have to fit into how they want to work and their comms plans.

In the future I think ‘roadmap’ looks less like “here is a list of what we are building next” (which has its own problems anyway when plans change) and more setting out our plans in blog posts, etc. And it’ll be less “Next month we are releasing a button to let you merge payees” and more “Over the next year we’ll roll out new ways for you to do X, Y, Z”,

But surely Monzo knows what they’re doing next? Can’t you just share that?

It’s not that simple. It’s more the maintenance - someone has to collect this information from all the teams, make sure it’s accurate, communicate that in a way that’s agreed with our other comms teams, and basically do a bunch of other work for that to be useful. This works really well for small teams, and I’m glad that the Business Banking team are running their own roadmap. But doing that for a whole company is another matter.


Thanks for the reply @cookywook

Some interesting points, and although an external facing product roadmap is perhaps the end goal I think thats maybe too much to ask at least in the short term.

In an effort to help us understand… what would a normal product managers comms plan look like? Is this standardised across all teams? It felt like it used to be i.e a blog accompanied a new thread but not so much anymore.

I think this point is a fair one…

Is there somewhere that it could be met in the middle or even a want from monzo to, its very obvious this year more than most that alot can change in a year. Having a yearly vague announcement is hard to get behind or get excited about.

I think this would be great if someone could do this on a high level on a quarterly basis. Im sure this sort of thing gets banded about in board meetings or manager meetings so having someone translate that into a blog post for the community would be fantastic:

This quarter we want to do x, y, z

I go back to my previous comment. The current comms teams don’t seem to coordinate with information pushed out on different channels inconsistently. I’ve learned about things via this forum, via twitter, via emails from Monzo, but I don’t recall that being coordinated in any way (sometimes it’s only on twitter for example).

So perhaps the ‘comms teams’ need to look at how they operate at the company level. I’ll admit I’ve a bit of a bee in my bonnet about having some form of ‘here is what the future may look like’ roadmap style communication, and if that doesn’t fall to the Comms teams to coordinate, then… frankly, what are they doing?

Maybe it’s not a roadmap we want, it’s just one consistent way of finding out what’s going on.


The days of getting away with just a blog and community thread are behind us :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re looking at a fully combined PR/Press plan (press releases, potential exclusives, things to mention in interviews/features), plus multi-channel comms: Social (that’s me!), Email, anything we want to do in the app. Product Marketers might have different preferences for how they use these channels (the marketing mix) and it also depends on the product.

We’ll always try! I look back at the What we’ll build in 2019 blog post and it’s clear that hey, we didn’t do some of those things! Was it right or wrong to say we would? I’m not sure, but hopefully we’ll do more like that.

That’s fair. We’ve grown quickly and things break. You shouldn’t have to rely on any one channel to hear about what’s going on, but we also have to make calls about what channels to use for what. We wouldn’t email every single customer about a minor change to an in-app flow, but that might be really interesting for the super-fans here on the forum.


Yeah I realise things break. But I’d challenge that assumption, I think any change needs to be communicated to all users, or you end up with little changes to the UI not being known but anyone who isn’t a “super-fan” (can we get a super-fan icon?!! :wink:) and people getting confused - where has the Edit button gone? Ohh it’s moved there - why NOT tell people the small things too, it bolsters the view that you are always working on the app to improve it after all…


For many people, getting told of every little change is overwhelming and off putting. Being able to target change notification, e.g. if a significant change happens to feature x, tell the people using that feature, but maybe not a specific notification for everyone. Granted this gets into the tracking/privacy teritory.

Some apps like Slack have a fairly nice way to get notified of the changes that you can optionally turn off. It’s not a full blown notification that gets in the way, more a dot in the corner and you can take a look at it when you’ve got time.

If only, there was a way, when an update to an app was announced, that you could put some sort of text with it. I dunno, maybe some words about what was in the release?



I think Monzo has missed a trick here with an in-app notification to show you new features. Something that Starling does, something that Natwest Does, and, something that barclays does.


Someone will be along to tell you that they are outraged and leaving Monzo because they showed an in-app notification in 3…2…1…


Bring on the toggle buttons! :laughing:


I mean, they could just use the App Store update messages :man_shrugging: It’s kinda what they’re there for.

Ill admit i was a bit confused when they moved the edit button to hide pots, wasnt in the release notes so wasnt expecting it to have moved :joy::joy:

I loved the idea of the bell notification area that was short lived. Dont know why they got rid of it personally.

Personally think the carousel is too intrusive and once dismissed cant be returned to like interest statements.

Silly that i cant see individually what interest i got to a pot in an old month


I dont personally read them in that much detail/might miss them when the app automatically updates

Whereas a notification bell saying “hey this is new” might have a better chance of being read.

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I do tend to read these, but with the introduction of automatic app updates, it can be easy to miss changes. :man_shrugging: Sometimes, such as when a big feature is announced, an in app announcement or guide is helpful.


They’ve rolled it back and toned it down quite a bit just recently.

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