Is the US Trello board still active?

Hey @Monzo team / community! :wave:

I’m a Simple refugee and am very excited to get up-and-running with Monzo. Since I realize Monzo US does not yet have all the features of the UK version, I was going through the forums and Trello Board and upvoting items which are the most significance to me.

However I just realized it doesn’t look like the board is being actively updated / maintained. For instance the card “Names on Monzo Cards :credit_card: has been launched and is still marked “Working on Now”. In general I don’t think I saw much activity from the Monzo team on that board in the second half of last year.

Is there a new place to track and vote on upcoming items? Should we just be using these forums?

If we should be using the forums, is this the right spot for US feature requests, or should we head over to Making Monzo?

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Found a partial answer to my own question (below). Just not sure if I’m looking in the right place for the US roadmap.

BTW for anyone reading this and wondering about the roadmap. There were some good points in other posts regarding the amount of effort involved with respect to regulation, quality control, and coordinating communication as they’ve gotten bigger – which I can understand (and I appreciate the honesty on this point).

Hopefully for the US side of things, they’re still in “startup” mode where having an open roadmap makes sense :slight_smile:

RE: There is a US Roadmap (Possibly the Trello Board above)

RE: Not having a roadmap page (UK?)

Monzo UK hasn’t had a roadmap for a long time on Trello but I do not know much about Monzo USA and have not really followed it to comment on that.

I don’t know about the Trello board but the right place for US-specific feature requests via the forum is probably the US ideas category.

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The US Trello board is outdated. I reached out to someone at Monzo and they are planning to make it more current soon.