Making Monzo: Joint Account Pots

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I’d rather have joint account CASS. I will be so happy to close my One Account account (zero innovation since 2004) and Santander account to help with the 2019 CASS stats where Monzo will be sitting pretty on top!


Joint pots just mysteriously appeared. Exciting! Or am I just really slow to notice it. Nice one Monzo.


Haha! Me too!

Blog post incoming… :partying_face:

Edit - You can also set up a Savings Pot on the JA.

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And round ups are supported too

Save together with Pots on joint accounts!
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THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME FEATURE. Round ups + 1. Savings with interest + 1. All round awesomeness.

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A slight bug/issue with the round-up feature is that the round-up logo replaces the user logo so you can’t see the person who made the transaction

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YES! Fantastic, thanks :monzo: team!

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2nd this, cannot see anywhere who made the transaction into the joint savings pot…

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Joint Account Pots are now live :raised_hands: check out the blog post here:

You can provide feedback on the thread below:

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