Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging


I get cheques from train delays … I don’t give my details out unless I have to … Some investment dividends … Birthdays etc … I use cheques at auctions


Oh lawd. I can’t imagine opting for cheques from train delay repayments. Makes an inefficient system even more of a pain. I was pleasantly surprised they could just credit my account.

(Peter Shillito) #43

When I first started getting payments from them it was either rail vouchers or cheque (and if you didn’t ask in advance, you got the vouchers). When I was in Scotland a year or so ago, ScotRail sent me money straight to PayPal. Things are definitely getting there…


Can we get an update on this ? ballpark eta?

(Matt) #45

Think there’s definitely still a place in society for cheques. They’re simple to use and a good backstop, eg if there is no power/internet/remote areas, easy to write, easy to cash. Many people aren’t online yet and some people just prefer them.

With faster clearing times and online image clearing I can only see their long term use extended into the future, possibly even increasing.

Also - easy to pay someone w/out having an AC# or sort code which gives extra flexibility and security. Sadly, not everyone is using Monzo or quick payment apps.


Last we heard it was 2019 at the earliest. No indication above that - I don’t think it’s coming any time soon, I’m afraid. :frowning:

(Fabre Lambeau) #47

Will Monzo accept taking a picture of a cheque that has “Mr Him His_Name and Mrs Her His_Name” when our joint account is in “Him His_Name and Her Her_Name”?
Her grand-mother is old-fashioned and always adds her married name although she prefers keeping her maiden name…

(Chris Rimell) #48

I think as with all cheques, they need to be in the name of the account holder. If the cheque is not in the account holders name, then proof would be needed to link the name (such as a marriage certificate). Usually it happens the other way around receiving a cheque in a maiden name and the account is in the married name, but would suggest the same logic applies. I’m not sure this would work with the cheque imaging though - with other banks using this tech, the cheque team can reject it and request that the original is supplied in branch, so it might be they can only be processed by exception by sending them into Monzo.

But I don’t know for sure, I’m just guessing based on how this works elsewhere and the rules that banks have for accepting cheques currently.

(Fabre Lambeau) #49

In which case, it would be great if Monzo could support the ability to supply a marriage certificate (or equivalent) to put on file with a joint account. Maybe I should add this to the Features board

Enable multiple identities (married + maiden) for joint account holders
(Nathan) #50

Thats a lovely idea, similar to scanned receipt.

Real differentiator to other joint accounts of other banks too id say?


Is there a good video or article on how cheque imaging actually works? Is a real life human being involved in approving them?

Is the signature actually compared to an existing one on file? They seem very inefficient as paper or an image.


Let’s not complicate things here. Would you do the same with a legacy bank account? I don’t think they allow 2 names on a personal account. There’s a difference between legal name and common name, if a person officially change their name due to marriage then her/his birth name becomes common name. If that grandma keeps sending cheques in her assumed married name she needs to remind her grandma not everyone changes their name after marriage.

I received cheque in my name only and deposit it into a joint account no problem, haven’t seen any cheque for 2 recipients.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #53

I had two names on my TSB current account in 1997 (pre–Lloyds takeover). Jamie A*, my birth name, which was the name on the account, and Jamie B*, my stage name after I graduated from drama college.

I successfully paid in cheques made out to my stage name issued in error by a production company that only checked a theatre programme for my name.

In the end I changed my name so that my stage name became my legal identity, but the bank continued to accept cheques in my former name from a grandparent who refused to use my new name.

A quick google reveals NatWest accept cheques in a former name with supporting documentation.


Id be interested to know if this will be a free service of have a cost passed on to the customer? e.g. will it be similar to paying in cash?


It’s free now to pay a cheque in, and this saves paying for the freepost service, so I’d hope it stays free! It’s less work for everyone involved.


I would imagine they will remove the freepost cheque option once this is enabled.


Well it will still be needed for cheques above a certain limit, or non standard ones or ones where people can’t work out how to take a cheque pic.


Have they said this? There’s a limit on how much cash you can put in, why wouldn’t there be for cheques its the same service just a cheque instead of cash.

(Chris Rimell) #59

Cheques aren’t the same as cash. You don’t have the the same risks and you don’t have the same storage requirements. It doesn’t cost the same to process a cheque.


The current industry limit for cheque imaging is £500.