Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging

(Matt) #61

Possibly - however at least initially I think both methods would be retained. A £500 limit tends to apply per industry standards, any cheques above this would need to be sent in. Some people may have problems taking pictures, eg a broken/dodgy phone camera. Some cheques might be illegible by imaging, eg if someone has poor handwriting or for whatever reason cannot be read. The bank might want to see the physical cheque where fraud has been suspected, a mistake has been made by the issuer, or the cheque has been damaged.

Then you have the issue of uncommon forms of cheque like a postal order, bankers’ draft or foreign cheque - which I’m not sure the imaging service supports.

(Louis Otto) #62

I actually have a cheque arriving fairly soon, if Monzo is looking for a beta tester I’m happy to give it a shot!


Any timetable yet?

LLyods do it and I know it is free with them but then again so is paying in cash


Not quite the same, Monzo have to use a third party for cash who will be charging for their services.


LLyods also offer deposits at the post office for free

(Ray) #66

I last paid a cheque in last week, written by a relative who can never get my full surname correct. I use the counter at my local branch where I am known so the cheque is accepted. They always ask if they can help show me how to pay in using the machine. I say " No thanks you can do it faster & I don’t have to get my glasses out to read the instructions."